Have you ever thought of starting your own e-commerce business and have taken back your steps just because of the huge money and the stock inventory that is needed to run the business. Well!! now your problem is solved with our opencart Dropship module. You can start your own business with no extra investment and as there is no need to input money in holding stocks at various warehouses. The Dropship will enable you to sell products without holding the inventory in hand. This will reduce the risk that is involved in the running the ecommerce business. Some ecommerce giants such as Zappos, Wayfair, and Fab and Gilt, all have built their business models around drop shipping.


Starting your online dropshipping ecommerce business offers many features that are as follow:-
  1. Removes the hassle of managing the inventory of thousands of the products.
  2. No need for keeping the extra inventory which reduces the invested capital.
  3. Removes the hassle of shipping and packaging.
  4. Many suppliers can be added and their products offering a wide variety in the products.
  5. Increase the business reach which will increase the number of the potential customer by exponential rate.

AliExpress Dropship

One of the most popular marketplace for ecommerce entrepreneurs is AliExpress which works on the dropship business model. And with the Dropship module, products can be easily imported to your own website from the AliExpress.com directly to your store with just a few clicks. AliExpress offers a wide variety of items to choose from and you have a variety of option through which you can choose to add to your website with the total investment of Zero. The best part is that after you sell a product, you purchase it from a supplier on AliExpress and then have it shipped directly from their warehouse to your customer. AliExpress dropshipping is a simple, easy, and low-risk system for new ecommerce entrepreneurs.


In today's scenario, inventory management is one of the major issues that has come across many e-commerce sites. The inventory management of various warehouse can be quite a hassle especially when the warehouses are in large number.

Now with the Dropship module, the store owner will be able to manage the different warehouse. The owner can create a separate warehouse manager where the manager can add products from their end and manage their orders. The customer can even select different warehouses from the same order.

The store owner provides access to the Warehouse manager and gives permissions for the warehouses. The store owner can add multiple warehouses at various geolocation. This will increase the ecommerce reach to the whole new level.

The Dropship module offers multiple prices of the product that you can assign to the warehouses. Let suppose a product named "A" has a cost of $50 and when the store owner sets the price range of $0 – $100 in the price rule to increase the product price by $10. Then, when the store owner assigns this product to a warehouse with the quantity, the price of this product A changes to $60 when assigned to the warehouse.

The module offers a separate warehouse manager dashboard via which the manager can access its own warehouse and other fields that are enabled from the owner's end. When the order is being placed, the product will be assigned to the nearest geolocated warehouse and the warehouse manager will ship the order.  

How to start?

The procedure is actually very simple, you just have to add the Dropship module to your opencart website and you are ready to start and step into the ecommerce world. With the installation completed and the configuration is done. The module will enable you to import products from AliExpress. The imports will include the content, images(including the addition images), variations with range and reviews are also imported from the AliExpress. The Price can be altered not only the price the store owner can edit the information on the AliExpress website before importing to Opencart store. For further information, you can refer to our User Guide of the module.