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With the eCommerce gaining the importance and Opencart being one of the most popular open source platforms emerging over the years. Popular in mostly Asia and MENA(Arabic) regions. With its lightweight and easy to customize nature has always been the first choice of many eCommerce users.

As the codes are written in PHP and following standard MVC system customizing the code is not so difficult task for the person with little knowledge of PHP.

The market for online business is growing with more and more innovations over time.Mobile Apps(like:Opencart Mobile App) are getting its place in the market as more and more people are conducting searches and making purchases via mobile phones.

Almost everyone prefers to shop online across the world which provides the latest updates and saves there time and money in searching for products. This task becomes a piece of cake when shopping is done through your mobile app (like Multi-vendor app) with just a few clicks and product purchased.

But again the question arises why it is important for your business?

Having an eCommerce app is for sure an added advantage than not having one. Some of the reason which makes it pretty compulsive for you to have a native mobile app.

Preferred Search Through Apps

With the recent studies, more than 78 percent of the buyers prefer choosing the mobile app to buy products rather than the mobile responsive marketplace. The preference is not so surprising as the more useful and eases the day to day task.

With the app installed on your device, the chances for the customer returns increase at an exponential rate. As the buyers do not go in the hassle of finding the website url or search for the product again they prefer which provide access to all the products without moving out of their comfort zone.

Offers the push notifications which are opened at a much faster rate than the email and other notifications which mostly end up in the trash. Potential customer acknowledges these notifications, and with just one click redirects the buyers to your product page thus by increasing the sales to the higher rate.

Higher Conversion Rates

Having an eCommerce app, the conversion rates actually increases higher than the eCommerce without an app.

With the custom and attractive layout design (like the Category carousel, banner image) will lead to more browsing time for shopping on apps, easy to navigate helps the customer to find the product without any hassle and simpler checkout enables the products to be purchased with ease.

Faster Responses

In today's world, where time is everything. If you are in a race then the small difference of seconds can make you win/lose. The same is the case with the eCommerce, with mobile apps loading of the pages can be much faster than the website. This is because app partially stores data on the device.

The apps retrieve data much faster as there are ten times fewer data transmitted between a server and mobile app than between a server and a browser. eCommerce apps like Multi-Vendor mobile appOpencart mobile app, etc saves data which lead to faster page opening even in offline mode for the pages already visited by the customers.

Boost Up SEO

As per the modern search engine, index your app content along with the website content. This means that apps synced with the API give it a stronger SEO boost. With the proper management, you can double the SEO ranking.

Without the application, it would be next to impossible to reach at the top of the search results.

Utilization of Inbuilt Features of Device

With the time passing phones are getting smarter day by day and it would be such a loose if these functionalities could not be used for your benefits in the app. This increases the customer's interest in the following app.

In the Hyperlocal Mobile app, you can add the customer locations using GPS on the devices. This will allow the customer to view/purchase the products nearby.

In the Multi-Vendor Mobile app, in order to simplify the process you can voice search the products with the help of the Microphone.

As the market is getting more and more crowded with numerous websites. There is a need to have an extended approach to the customer. With new technology like Augmented Reality and Machine learning integrating with the opencart app have provided an extra edge to the customer. This integration would not be feasible without the involvement of the Camera of the mobile and other devices.

Now that you have understood its importance, having your own eCommerce app will be boon for the business. But which native app to choose?

If you are running a complex business website like Multi-Vendor Marketplace site than it is highly recommended to use Muti Vendor mobile app which provides the native application for opencart shops.

Opencart mobile app is built using the REST API of the module at the opencart admin panel. Using those API’s Mobile app ( Android +IOS ) populates the data in real-time.

All the product, customer, order information will be synchronized with the opencart shop. In this way, there will be no inventory mismatch.

Opencart Multi-vendor mobile app offers the same also in addition to vendors/suppliers/sellers can add the products from their mobile app.

Vendors will be able to manage the orders and process the product inventory from the mobile app. Which is a huge boost for the marketplace.

If you want a hyperlocal marketplace offering products based on the customer's location then you can check the Opencart Hyperlocal app.

Hyperlocal App converts your nearby marketplace website into a native mobile app.

With the support of more than 50+ payment gateway and shipping methods mobikul Opencart native mobile apps are the best choice for our customers.

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