Opencart Headless PWA

Opencart Headless PWA

If you have stepped into the business of ecommerce, then your ultimate goal will always be to increase up the sales and target a wider range of customers. To achieve this, the company needs to aim or appeals to a massive mobile customer base. For this, you have three choices: either to build a native application or have a responsive website or other most popular is the Progressive Web Application

Responsive websites are easier to open and offer all the functionality of the site but are not so pleasant in terms of user experience. The native application offers great UI experience but less flexible. The best way to overcome both points is to use a PWA Application. 

As per Google searches, businesses have grown by implementing Progressive Web Apps. Big Players like Google, AliExpress, and Flipkart reached a significant increase of 50 - 100% increase in the retention and conversion rates. 

Why should you use PWA for your website?

Having a PWA sounds like a lot of work to pull off, but with the Opencart PWA module, you can easily implement the PWA for your website without any significant efforts.

The PWA offers enormous advantages right from the Faster Loading and SEO Ranking benefits to reduced data needs and eliminating the need for an app store to download the app for mobile devices. 

Let’s discuss some of the significant advantages of having a PWA. 


Easily Accessible

One of the most significant advantages of having a PWA app is that it can be accessed through a web browser. There is no need to download the application separately from the Google or Apple store. This reduces a significant amount of time in searching for the app and downloading it. 

Offline Mode

The PWA application has a service worker that allows the customer to surf the app even in offline mode or in low network strengths. This is quite a useful feature as not everyone surfing the website will have a good internet connection. 


Enhances SEO Ranking

As the PWA delivers content through the web, the search engines view the PWAs and website as the same and index them completely. But on the other end, the native apps are not indexed and will not affect the SERP. 


With a sound and optimized backlinking strategy can boost the SEO ranking to a whole new level. 

Optimized API requests & Storage Space

The PWA offers a reduced optimized and reduces API request so that there is no need for massive server capacity and a large bandwidth to support the application. The mobile devices will be able to browse the PWA by using the less mobile data plan. 

The PWAs usually take less storage space as compared to the native application. 

Better User Experience

The Progressive Web Application works on the base idea of having a progressive enhancement of the web view that we see of the website. This means that the app focuses on the core content, design layout, and its advanced features. All these combined make the customer experience much useful. 

Offers Native Approach & Up To Date Content

The PWA offers a native approach like the push notification functionality, even if the web browser isn’t open. This will allow the business to boon and offer product promotions with a push notification to improve customer engagement. The content updates automatically as it does on the website, so there is no need to update. 

How can you have your own PWA application?

Now there is no need to be a coder to develop the PWA application. You can use the Opencart PWA or Opencart Headless PWA app for your website. 


If you have any queries or requirements regarding the PWA, then you can mail us at so that our team can assist you in better terms. 

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