Improvements to

We've been working on a few improvements and features to the main site that we hope will improve everyone's experience.

1. Changing to HTML based emails. It's been a long time since the emails have been looked at, although most people would think it is a small change - we send out thousands of emails every day so there is plenty of people who see them! Our new design is more aesthetically pleasing and also responsive. Text alternatives will also be sent so if your client doesn't support HTML based content (but what doesn't these days?). Initially these changes will only be phased into user based notifications and not seller emails (such as module sale notifications)

2. Login to comment - redirect added. As requested by sellers, when you first go to a module page and you are not logged in you will now be redirected back to the same extension page instead of the account area.

3. Module promotions. If you sell modules on the extension store you can now pay to have your module featured for 24 hours at the top of the extensions store and also inside the category of your module too. Sellers are limited to 3 modules each per day. To start a module promotion, login to your OpenCart account and click on the menu link and choose the day you would like to purchase.

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