10 Innovative OpenCart Templates with Video Backgrounds

Visual information has proven to be the most easy-to-perceive. That’s why nowadays, in the era of high Internet connection speeds, online stores that provide rich media content perform better and bring their owners more money.
There are several ways of implementing videos on your online store.
First of all, you can embed YouTube videos from your channel. This method is extremely simple, but not the best one when it comes to user engagement.
The second way is to incorporate looped background videos into the design of your store. Websites with background videos look simply stunning, but you will need a specific template to avoid digging into megabytes of code.
Today we would like to introduce you to a list of 10 contemporary OpenCart templates that support background videos out of the box.
OpenCart Perfume Template
This perfume store template for OpenCart developed by TemplateMonster has a long scrolling homepage layout enhanced with numerous visual effects. It features large product previews, wide parallax image blocks, animated buttons, and other eye-catching details. This template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing you to attract visitors using all modern Internet browsing devices.
The full-page background video block is situated in the lower part of the homepage of this template. Check out the live demo to see it in action.
OpenCart Compy Template
Compy is a clean and minimalist OpenCart template for tech stores selling computer parts, electronics, software, and such. It allows you to create complex banners to promote featured products, connect your store with your Facebook account, and even run a company blog without installing any third-party extensions or content management systems.
The background video resides below the header of the template, instead of a regular slider. It has overlaid text and a call-to-action button applied to it, so you can easily convert your visitors and customers by grabbing their attention with a captivating looped video clip.
Gourmet OpenCart Theme
Gourmet is a colorful OpenCart template best suited for restaurants, cafes and food delivery services. It features a bright, colorful homepage with tasty product photos designed in a way to create a mouthwatering effect on your visitors, and ultimately guide them towards making a purchase. This template comes with a set of compelling social sharing buttons, integrated Google Maps and a Facebook community widget.
The video area of this template is a supporting element, which is situated between the product blocks.
Hipster OpenCart Theme
Hipster is a simple, yet powerful eCommerce template developed specifically for online stores that sell casual clothes. Its visually appealing design is based on contrasting colors, clear-cut lines and creative handmade Google Fonts. The menu sticks to the top of the screen on scrolling, providing convenient navigation and high conversion rates.
In this template a background video works in tandem with a header-based slider. It is supplied with a call-to-action button, and a well-formatted text block.
OpenCart Interior Style Theme
This responsive OpenCart template is ideal for all kinds of furniture and interior design online stores. Its minimalist layout is plentifully spiced up with photos, giving you a hand at redesigning your website quickly and effortlessly. The template is equipped with a live chat module, social media options, a back-to-top button, and a rating system.
Placed right before the product list, the narrow video area serves as an impressive introduction to your store’s product range.
Suits OpenCart Template
This elegant OpenCart template, designed using only black and white colors, will fit any men’s clothing eCommerce store. It supports multiple languages and currencies, provides a sticky navigation bar, ghost buttons, and much more. The design is extremely lightweight, which guarantees high loading speed of your website. 
This template features multiple videos creatively arranged throughout the layout.
OpenCart Home Electronics Theme
Sell electronics online using this simplistic OpenCart template with parallax effect. Its color palette is based on energetic yellow and blue colors. With a sticky mega menu and a back-to-top button you can provide your customers with an unmatched user experience, receiving their loyalty in return. The template supports extended eCommerce functionality: your visitors can compare the characteristics of similar products and add them to their wish lists.
In this template the video block is situated in the top area, under the menu bar, adding dynamism to the store design.
OpenCart Pet Shop Theme
Pet Shop is a crisp OpenCart eCommerce template with a classic boxed layout. It features a soft color palette, modern sans serif fonts, pixel-perfect illustrations and CSS-powered shadows. The template comes with Ajax search, embedded email subscription blocks, and social media widgets, having everything you need to launch a prospective full-featured online store in a matter of minutes.
The video is placed above the footer, and can be used to boost customer retention and improve the overall user experience provided by your store.
OpenCart Lingerie Theme
This gorgeous lingerie template will turn any fashion OpenCart store into a high-grade responsive online boutique. It has a long customizable homepage with rearrangeable content blocks. The sticky dropdown menu doesn’t take up too much screen space, so you can showcase your products in their entire splendor. The product page supports Cloud Zoom, embedded YouTube videos and reviews.
The large responsive video area with call-to-action buttons enables you to generate leads without a hassle. It supports HD videos, so make sure your footage is of the highest quality.
OpenCart Tile & Stone Theme
Tile & Stone is a professional responsive OpenCart template with a boxed layout and a customizable textured background. It has a classic look, and is easy to navigate. This template features a large area with category banners. Tile & Stone allows you to create a multilingual store thanks to the support of the most widespread languages and currencies.
The background video block is supplemented with customizable text and a stylish modern ghost button.
Implement background videos on your store, and see for yourself that this type of rich media is one of the most powerful ways to increase customer retention and create a positive online image of your company. We hope that the templates listed above will help you with this task. Good luck!



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