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I am trying to list items from an Opencart shop onto Ebay and Amazon currently through Expandly..

You would have thought this would be easy BUT its the worst thing ever and its not just Expandly - NO one offers this automation.

It seems to be a problem with Variations not working with any systems.. can anyone please advise?

And OPENCART - why have you not made this possibl? im thinking of leaving OPen cart altogether for this reason andmoving to Shopify



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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:53 am

Well, it's of no use, to argue about a free 'Service', and even talk about moving on to
another 'Brand', if nobody is willing to help (for free). And probably nobody will care
much about one less or more potential Competitor on Ebay, Amazon, or whereever.

And those, who know, how to make it work best, sure don't come here, to tell others
about. It would be contrary to any Business Law, to share hard-earned Wisdom, just
to help potential Competitors on their feet. OC may be used virtual, but it's still about
hard Cash, for most everybody involved. And, with a mere 3 Postings since March,18.
you did not share much wisdom either, as it looks, like the 99.99 % majority of Users too.

This needs to be accepted, as a Fact, we are all human beeings. And we did not come
to OC, just to improve and to share our Wisdom, but to get it, since because it comes
for free, and so, no Risk seemed to be involved, to at least try it out. And because of
all this, better do not expect anything, eventually surpassing your own Code-Wisdom,
or then be prepared, to pay for, if it does not exist for free, and/or only for certain
Versions, and possibly only in parts.

It at best keeps one from getting pissed, for no good real reason at all. Better be
greatful to those Fellows, frequently coming here, to freely assist, just for the fun
of it. Or then, at least, to so 'advertize' their 'OC Wisdom' to those, still interested,
when it comes to 'heavier stuff', and their Will, to give something back in return.
OC just has to be understud, without emotions involved, it's a Business, but sure
not a just a 'common' free Shareware Fun Project, from the day on, where it
started to exist.

Or then, you possibly only misunderstud the OC-Way of doing Business, and
expected something, which in human reality does not exist. Especially not
for a Software, built for the only single purpose, to generate income.
Our Chief in OC-Command is no Socialist !!

Good Luck, nothing personal, no offense !
PS: For your OC Version, a whole Bunch of such Extensions exist: ... load_id=55 ... load_id=55 ... load_id=55

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Post by cedcommerceteam » Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:05 am

hi @edgeandfire,
Don't Worry we provide various integrations of opencart with multiple marketplaces.
You may have a look at Ebay-opencart integration and Amazon-Opencart Extension
Along with these we also provide :
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-Free One time installation
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