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I am trying to have a list of sizes for options and I have that you are required to select a size. That dropdown box only has sizes up to a 300 sq ft roll. On the second drop down box I have options for a full 2dr wrap or a 4dr wrap. If they select one of those I would like it to not require the first dropdown. On the selection box it is only a yes/no required configuration. Does anyone know of an easier way than having to manipulate the PHP code extensively to allow an OR || so only one has to be selected?

I would like the first box dropdown to be select vinyl size and the other dropdown to be full wrap kits - you can view what Im talking about here - I'm hoping theres a simple way to do this. My fear is that I would need to add another variable to test it against



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Post by Johnathan » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:17 pm

If these options are mutually exclusive, why aren't they just a single option dropdown? (Or set of radio buttons.) For example, in a shirt size option it can be Small or Medium, but not both, so you put them in a single dropdown.

You could have yours set up as:

Vinyl Size: 1ft x 1ft
Vinyl Size: 1ft x 5ft
Full Wrap Kit: 2-DR Coupe
Full Wrap Kit: 4-DR Sedan
Full Wrap Kit: SUV Wrap

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