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We've moved over from OsCommerce to Open Cart 1.5.3 and so far so good, love it. The site is more or less the stock Open Cart template with a few minor alterations. Plug

There are a few changes I would like to make to Open Cart for it to be ideal for our set-up. We're suppliers of embroidered clothing so we sell in bulk. It would be great if we could add qty per option to the product pages. I managed to do it with oscommerce and so hope to have it sorted out but for now the stock opencart is good enough.

One thing that would really complete the shop for us would be if we could add a 'set-up' option somewhere to the checkout process. A logo needs to be digitised before we can embroider it and there is a charge for this. We need to ask our customer if they are going to be sending us a logo (£40 charge) text (£15 charge) or if the design is already digitsed (£0). If we don't ask then we could end up having to ask our customer for £40 setup after they've ordered, not on. My workaround for the time being is to link to a product from the shopping cart. I just edited the template file to add the link.

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Hi there,

Just wanted to say, nice store. I see that you are still working on the site. But nice job look forward to seeing it when it complete.

As we are in the same industry.

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