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Apologies! if I am posting in the wrong forum. I am using version of opencart for my website.I bought an extension named Zipcode Pincode Postcode Checker (VQMOD) on 27th May 2017. Link of the extension is ... n_id=18873. After installing the module (xml file) it was messing up the design of the website. I contacted the developer Retail Indya via comment section on the extension page. I did not receive any reply for a day or two so I opted for asking support via get support option from opencart. I had received through mail (Your request (#121823) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.) in which I explained to the developer the issue I am facing and asked to whether he could install the module for an extra fee. Waiting for few days I did not receive any communication from the developer. I opted for refund (#122302) on 31st May as we had strict deadline to meet. I received acknowledgement from opencart that they are reviewing my request and reply within 48 hours. Its been more than 11 days that I have not received any communication from the developer or opencart. I had to purchase another module in order to meet the requirement of the customer.
Please let me know what I do further to get a refund for the module



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Refunds have to be authorized from the developer, and sometimes the OpenCart support staff don't e-mail or respond immediately, so you'll need to be patient with your support ticket. If the developer does not respond within a reasonable time frame, or is willing to authorize a refund, then you should be able to get one for your purchase (especially if the extension isn't working on your site).

There's no other outlet for support other than the support ticket system, so you'll need to keep pursuing that. 11 days seems like a long time for there to be no communication on a ticket, so I'd send a follow-up reply. Usually someone should respond within 3 business days or less, in my experience.

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