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Hello Team,

I am using OC
I have a problem with uploading the google base file, whenever I type:

The page displays empty and its takes long to load. (I have over 4000 products) I generated my google base file using the google merchant's page. I have removed the & characters from all my products names but the problem persists, has anyone else had this same issue before?.

When I do not upload the googlebase.xml file to my ftp I get the 500 errors in the database and I see the logs:

Code: Select all

2013-06-29 17:15:59 - PHP Notice:  Error: Query execution was interrupted<br />Error No: 1317<br />SELECT   p.product_id,,  GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT CAST(pc.category_id AS CHAR(11)) SEPARATOR "," ) AS categories,  p.sku,  p.upc,  p.location,  p.quantity,  p.model, AS manufacturer,  p.image AS image_name,  p.shipping,  p.price,  p.points,  p.date_added,  p.date_modified,  p.date_available,  p.weight,  wc.unit,  p.length,  p.width,  p.height,  p.status,  p.tax_class_id,  p.viewed,  p.sort_order,  pd.language_id,  ua.keyword,  pd.description,   pd.meta_description,   pd.meta_keyword,   p.stock_status_id,   mc.unit AS length_unit,   p.subtract,   p.minimum,   GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT CAST(pr.related_id AS CHAR(11)) SEPARATOR "," ) AS related,   GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT pt.tag SEPARATOR "," ) AS tags FROM `sky_product` p LEFT JOIN `sky_product_description` pd ON p.product_id=pd.product_id   AND pd.language_id=2 LEFT JOIN `sky_product_to_category` pc ON p.product_id=pc.product_id LEFT JOIN `sky_url_alias` ua ON ua.query=CONCAT('product_id=',p.product_id) LEFT JOIN `sky_manufacturer` m ON m.manufacturer_id = p.manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN `sky_weight_class_description` wc ON wc.weight_class_id = p.weight_class_id   AND wc.language_id=2 LEFT JOIN `sky_length_class_description` mc ON mc.length_class_id=p.length_class_id   AND mc.language_id=2 LEFT JOIN `sky_product_related` pr ON pr.product_id=p.product_id LEFT JOIN `sky_product_tag` pt ON pt.product_id=p.product_id   AND pt.language_id=2 GROUP BY p.product_id ORDER BY p.product_id, pc.category_id;  in /homez.582/starsmod/www/system/database/mysql.php on line 49
2013-06-30 1:39:01 - PHP Warning:  unlink(/homez.582/starsmod/www/system/cache/cache.product. [<a href='function.unlink'>function.unlink</a>]: No such file or directory in /homez.582/starsmod/www/system/library/cache.php on line 49
2013-06-30 1:40:04 - PHP Warning:  file_get_contents(/homez.582/starsmod/www/system/cache/cache.product. [<a href='function.file-get-contents'>function.file-get-contents</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homez.582/starsmod/www/system/library/cache.php on line 25
I guess this is because the feed may be to big that the server times out before showing it?

Thanks in advance for all the help.



Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:18 pm
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