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I'm using the Google Base for Product Feed extension in OC

I'm making a code modification that won't index products if they match a certain criteria. Therefore they won't display on "".

Testing it out, I made a tiny modification to the catalog/controller/feed/google_base.php right before the ($products as $product) loop. This is what I did:

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foreach ($products as $product) {

      if ($product['name'] !== 'Example Product' ) {

          .... add to index

     } else {

         .. don't add to index 


And the test code worked, it didn't display the "Example Product". So I was happy with that, but still developing, I removed the code and replaced it with the original file. I look at the google_base URL and the product is still gone, even though I reverted it back. It loops through the products so shouldn't it index it again and display it? I cleared my browser cache and it's still gone. I even made sure that the file didn't have that condition in there anymore.

What is going on here? Why did I lose an item even after I reverted the code?

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Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:52 pm
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