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Help! I get following error after upgrade to OpenCart

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Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in .../storage/modification/system/library/template.php:30 Stack trace: #0 .../storage/modification/system/engine/loader.php(138): Template->__construct('twig') #1 .../storage/modification/admin/controller/common/header.php(82): Loader->view('common/header', Array) #2 .../storage/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): ControllerCommonHeader->index(Array) #3 .../storage/modification/system/engine/loader.php(65): Action->execute(Object(Registry), Array) #4 .../admin/controller/marketplace/modification.php(763): Loader->controller('common/header') #5 .../admin/controller/marketplace/modification.php(17): ControllerMarketplaceModification->getList() #6 .../storage/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): ControllerMarketplaceM in .../storage/modification/system/library/template.php on line 30
After delete folders inside storage/modification I can login admin again, but after refresh Modifications I'll get the same error again. I using Journal 3 theme and on the main page I get following error:

Journal Theme Installation Error
Make sure you have refreshed Opencart Modifications.

Anyone could help me?
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You should better test the Upgrade with the default Opencart Theme,
and if it works that way, you know, if the problem is related to OpenCart,
or then the Journal Theme. And if that's the case, here's the Link to solve it:

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Have you tried to reinstall Journal 3 by upgrading or uploading the newest version?

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Tried. At the end I've reinstall everything and it is now working again. My doubt is some old extensions that caused the conflicts. Thanks for help!



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