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I made a duplicate of the 3 contact us files and I'm using it for another emailing purpose.

It works fine but when i receive an email, its addressed to me, and from the customer. (thats fine)

But in my email when i hit reply, it replies to my email, which is strange and annoying. It should reply to the email in the 'from' field shouldn't it?

So to try to fix the problem, i tried setting the reply to variable, but that desnt seem to have worked either. I didnt change anything else in the code.

Can anyone help?


added this line

$mail->setSubject(sprintf($this->language->get('email_subject'), $this->request->post['name']));

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Tue May 05, 2015 10:19 pm

Post by siteadvice » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:02 am

I have also found that setReplyTo does not work in a similar case.

The reply-to address is appears in the message header but on clicking "reply" to an email formatted this way, the resulting new message is addressed to whatever address was configured as the "from" address.

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Post by Natashawilliams » Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:21 pm

Yes, I am also going through with the similar situation.

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Post by RoseKeys10 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:56 pm

Even I am getting this error.



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Post by beipink » Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:13 am

solution for OC 2.0.3

change this in system/libary/mail.php

if (!$this->reply_to) {
$header .= 'Reply-To: =?UTF-8?B?' . base64_encode($this->sender) . '?= <' . $this->from . '>' . PHP_EOL;
} else {
$header .= 'Reply-To: =?UTF-8?B?' . base64_encode($this->sender) . '?= <' . $this->reply_to. '>' . PHP_EOL;

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