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We have a site running which has bots creating returns. Not sure how to disable, so considered redirecting all requests to the page from .HTACCESS, but cannot seem to get it to work.

In the .htaccess file, it is setup as:
Redirect 301 "/index.php?route=account/return/add" ""

However, this does not seem to work.

The Redirect statement when tried with other direct pages, works as expected - yet when trying with the ?route=account/return/add suffix, it always fails.

Is there a simple way to redirect all requests for the returns page to another page??


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Post by straightlight » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:30 am

OC v3.x releases does handle page redirection differently as opposed to the .htaccess file. You could also look for extensions on the Marketplace to see if there are alternative ways to redirect product returns for OC v2.x releases. If not, create a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job or also to upgrade your store as a custom job.

Lastly, you could use the modified version of OC v2.3.0.2 from xxvirusxx but that is not supported for assistance on the forum.

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Post by thekrotek » Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:41 am

Search the marketplace for affiliates removal mod and edit it to do the same for returns. Two minutes job, if you know some basics of coding. No need to use .htaccess at all.

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Post by IP_CAM » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:20 am

the modified version of OC v2.3.0.2 from xxvirusxx but that is not supported for assistance on the forum.
Well, that famous xxvirusxx's Versions are in nothing different from a Stock OC,
except for the fact, that they contain most all important fixes. It's a shame anyway, that OC Sites officially
list older Version Code, aware of the Fact, that some Versions contain Misses and faulty Code. It matches
the 'global' ignorance, being part of this place. But most everyone only cares, to hopefully get some
money out of it, one can therefore just not expect this Forum to be taken as seriously, as it should and
could be, to meet the expectations of beeing a Place of great Competence.

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