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That's it: urls containing phrase "book" are not included in Analytics statistics. My site is for laptop parts and any SEO friendly URL with words notebook, probook, elitebook, chromebook, etc., is ignored. Sample URLs: ... book-2170p ... ook-430-g4 ... otebook-pc

I wrote to Google Support, and I have been receiving senseless responses for two days already. They said my site has "Non-standard implementation" whatever this means. I changed the tracking code from gtag to analytics.js. Now Tag manager does not pretend for "Non-standard implementation", but those URLs are not detected either.

I would like to ask any of you using Google Analytics to check whether certain URLs are not counted, especially ones containing "book" in their URL. If I have confirmation that the problem persists for different sites, I will try different ways to escalate this stupid bug report, that Google's support ignores.

Thank you in advance!

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OC version. See on the Marketplace for a more up-to-date version of Google Analytics as it is no longer supported in the core. The maintenance branch still has the codes but doesn't look like it has been maintained for quite sometime either.

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