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1. Your Exact OpenCart Version- Version
2. Used Template/Theme - Base Install for testing
3. (Additional) Installed Extension(s) - None

We are using Journal which I understand is not supported on the forum. On our website, no shipping options are available at checkout. I've tested our website in the Open Cart BASE INSTALL with no extensions I added an iPhone to my cart and attempted checkout. The $5.00 flat rate shipping was an option, but the following errors appeared:

United States Postal Service
Authorization failure. Perhaps username and/or password is incorrect.

(This is our correct login)


United Parcel Service
110546: OZ is not a valid unit of measurement for weight for this shipment.

I saw on some forums that with the Journal theme, item weight might be an issue because of UPS's API only accepting lbs so I changed an item weight from 2oz to 1lb and added it to my cart. A green truck icon also appeared which suggests the item weight could be an issue, but still no UPS or USPS options appeared.

Does anyone have insight on this? Please reply or PM. Thank you!



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Post by JNeuhoff » Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:00 pm

So are using the Journal3 framework, or OpenCart? Two different things!

As regards UPS: it has to be configured to KG or LB, and the actual product weight is then converted to the configured unit. The UPS API only supports KGS or LBS.

As regards USPS: it has to be configured to LB, and the actual product weight is then converted to this configured unit. The shipping method then converts it to both LB and OZ for the USPS API.

Anything beyond that, you have to get in touch with the Journal3 support. Or better, use a proper standard-compliant web theme.

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