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Hi all,

I was figuring out how to install opencart (and extra modules) via composer, but couldn't find anything.
How are you guys organize versioning with Git and/or Composer? Is it even possible?

Right now the situation is as follows:
Any update of any module/core/custom edit is added in FTP, without any versioning.

What I'm looking for (ideal situation):
- Install open cart core via composer
- Install modules via composer
- Keep up versioning with only custom modules and composer.json/.lock file

Just like versioning in Magento, Laravel, etc.




Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:25 pm

Post by sw!tch » Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:27 pm

Unlike Laravel, it can be a bit more complicated to manage OC via version control. Modules and extensions are typically run through the OC installer, further there is no migration like you would get from Laravel, etc.

There are some issues with installing on composer you can see my post here how to resolve that - viewtopic.php?f=199&t=219456&hilit=composer#p798009

If you develop your own modules then you can use composer as needed to call in dependencies for your own modules.

One thing to note - When you install OC, it will prompt to move your storage folder. The storage folder also houses the vendor directory, therefore you have to make sure you update the vendor dir in your composer.json in order to use any new packages you add.

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