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Hello all,

I am using opencart version 1.5.6 and I would like to know as to how many multi-stores can I have under one installation.

My service will give a vendor to host their own personalised store under my store... like,,,com... How big can be that number "N"

I am using Tellus theme, where each of their modules support configuration of multiple store, giving me flexibility to configure different styles for different vendors.

Any idea would help me decide on the scalability factor.




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Post by mstefani » Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:32 am

Sorry for opening this topic after so many years, but I have exactly the same question...

Is there any limitation with number of multistores I can create?

Can anyone (according to own experience) tell me, how many stores I could set up on the server (let say 4core, 16G rad, SSD) having ~100 products on ~20 categories, assuming total number of sales per store 3 per day?

I understand that it's difficult to answer such question, but I'd love if someone who knows this part of OC to try to answer.

Thank you



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Post by IP_CAM » Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:20 am

Well, that's a good Question ... :laugh: But better don't expect really successful
Multishop Users, to tell you their secrets, just to eventually then be confronted
with another Competitor again, by passing on their Knowledge to them for free. :crazy: :drunk:

It's one explanation, for not have been replied to in the first Place, years ago, but
since it all comes for free, better just try it out, to find out your limits, depending
on Servers, and your skill, to at least make 'em as powerful and speedy as possible. :D
And that Knowledge already exists, in some places here, if one cares, to find out.

And better rely on an OC Version, already proven to work well, by Example, one of the
still 'privately' updated OC v.2.3.0.x Releases, instead of using one of the latest v.3.x
Version, to so also have a wide range of additional Extensions available, as well as
known OC-Coders, able to support you, if you cannot handle all of it by yourself.
This, especially under the Aspect, that OC v. is already 'out', and OC v.4.x not
yet ready, as I assume ... ::)

Good Luck ! ;)

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There are no limits

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