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The Essentials

Followed is a link where essential Opencart tools needs to be learned before posting a new topic: viewtopic.php?f=183&t=156866&p=611059#p611059

New forum and Opencart users, most of the time, may not be familiar with the most important and well-known tools to either troubleshoot or to tweak their subjects they're posting about. This topic will help them with their abilities to learn the most important tools that are being used world-wide.

Opencart Documentation

For more information, please visit the Opencart documentation at: or visit the docs folder of the original ZIP file located in the downloads page of Opencart website.

How to become an Opencart Guru ... ncart-guru

Error Logs

A very useful tool to consider when troubleshoot any encountered error messages either from the browser or on the system/logs/error.txt or system/storage/logs/error.txt file (Opencart v2.2.0.0 and above) is by using the: admin - > systems - > tools - > error logs page and to see if there are any recent error messages, based on the date and time period related with the route name (e.g: catalog/product) or by the PHP filename at the end of the path.


In order to activate those logs, simply go to the admin - > systems - > settings - > edit store - > server tab. If the store is running live, it would not be suggested to enable the "Display Errors" option but the one below; to store the errors on file.



Error Logs - Alternative Ways of Access

If, for any reasons, the admin access can no longer be accessed, on the FTP or cPanel / File Manager's console, go to the system/logs/error.txt or system/storage/logs/error.txt file and see the recent error messages. If no detailed information relates to the problem that needs to be reported on the forum, one last step would be to look into the host console: Errors or Error Logs icon.

Followed are the step-by-step guide multiple ways on how to track error logs with Plesk: ... find-them- .

Followed is the Error Logs icon location to notice in the cPanel console:


Creating A Topic For Different Reasons Than The Above Steps

Before creating a new topic, it would be suggested to be self-aware regarding these procedures: viewforum.php?f=176 . In addition, always provide the Opencart version on the first post of each topics. This will result faster response on the issue that needs to be reported on the forum. The easiest location to find the Opencart version would be at the footer page of the administrative-end of Opencart:


or into your root index.php file:

Code: Select all

define('VERSION', '2.x.x.x');
which the 2.x.x.x would be replaced by the actual installed version in real case.

GitHub / Opencart documentation (on-going)

Additional and more advanced documented Opencart subjects can be found here: ... s)-2.2.x.x

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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