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I need to restrict access to an information page in order to block unregistered users or the wrong customer group from viewing it. Basically I need to only allow approved members to access a file that has wholesale price data. I can not use VQMOD or I would buy an extension. I tried using the code below but it will not work with SSL enabled. How can I modify the code to work with SSL.

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if (isset($this->request->get['information_id']) && $this->request->get['information_id'] == '{ID}') {
    //If the information_id is provided and it matches the ID you wish to protect
    if (!$this->customer->isLogged()) {
        //If the customer is not logged in already, redirect them to the login page
        //Use $this->session->data['redirect'] to redirect them back to this page after logging in
        $this->session->data['redirect'] = $this->url->link('information/information', 'information_id=' . $this->request->get['information_id']);
        //Do the redirect
        $this->redirect($this->url->link('account/login', '', 'SSL'));



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Just in case, you can find paid solutions on this here: ;) ... h=restrict
like this one: ... n_id=14256

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