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I would like to include some common HTML (basically descriptive text) on a number of items in our shop. The goal is to have a common set of information that is maintained in one location and updated automatically on several pages that "include" that common text that is linked to.

I thought there was an Include HTML function, but I cannot seem to find one. Anyone give me some feedback on how to best update several products with link to include in the description pointing to a common HTML file?


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we use this in the product controller to include external html by placing a {{filename}} placeholder in the description, then the controller replaces that with the content of that file located in the includes directory

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				// get an include file instead of the entered html if indicated by {{filename}} pulled from the includes directory
				$btoken = '{{';
				$etoken = '}}';
				$html = $data['description'];
				$final_html = '';
				$begin = '';
				$end = '';
				if (stristr($html,$btoken) and stristr($html,$etoken)) {
					while (stristr($html,$btoken) and stristr($html,$etoken)) {
						$bpos = strpos($html,$btoken);
						$epos = strpos($html,$etoken);
						$begin = mb_substr($html,0,$bpos);
						$end = mb_substr($html,$epos+strlen($btoken));
						$include_file = mb_substr($html,$bpos+strlen($btoken),$epos-$bpos-strlen($etoken));
						include(DIR_INCLUDES . $include_file);
						$include_html = ob_get_clean();
						if ($include_html) $final_html .= $begin.$include_html;
						$html = $end;
					$data['description'] = $final_html . $end;
We mostly use this in the html module as that needs to be edited in the js editor which is always a pain and it stores the html in the settings table which is loaded every request so if the html is a little large...

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