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Hi Everyone,

Newbie here with e-commerce and Opencart. Thanks upfront for taking the time to read this.

I recently got Amazon Login and Pay up and running at an online store I'm starting. It appears I have it set up right as I successfully tested a sandbox transaction.

However, I'm a little confused on the check out flow in Opencart. For example, on the check page (stock theme), I now see the Amazon Pay Button in the Top Content of the check out page, but when I proceed down the dropdown panels to Payment Methods, like a regular transaction per say, I don't see a radio button for Amazon pay. I only see the PayPal Express and the Bitcoin Radio Buttons that I set up but no Amazon pay. This causes a user to not be able to proceed unless they select the PayPay/Bitcoin radio, otherwise they can't get to the Confirm Order Panel and then on to Amazon pay to complete. They would have to, skip the Confirm Order Panel completely and hit the Amazon Pay button above.

I tried to add my own radio button in payment_methods.twig, and was able to to get one to simply show up, but of course it did not work, throwing an error that a payment method has to be selected because.

So the objective is simple. Just looking to have the Amazon Pay option in the Payment Methods as it should be. At least I assume it should be and function like it should. Again thanks for any direction on this. Hope this makes sense as someone has surely had this problem or desired the same thing. Maybe I'm just not understanding something...




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Post by khnaz35 » Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:37 am

Hi don't forget to post your OC versions and theme always since the code varies between OC releases.

Is the Amazon pay is extension you downloaded from marketplace? Any link to will be helpful.

Have you connected the Extension developer to look into the issue?

Urgent Questions shoot here:
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Post by jbobfunky » Wed Feb 10, 2021 10:31 pm

Thanks for responding! Yes good info include, sorry sorry....I'm running this..

Opencart with the stock theme that it comes with. No new themes have been installed.
Safari 14.0.1 - MacBook Pro 2015

I didn't download The Amazon Login and Pay from Opencart. It was already in the Extensions > Payments section that came with this version.

I have not looked in the extensions forum. Didn't know there was one but I figure I start somewhere. I'll hit that up. Again any pointers here is greatly appreciated and thank you. Hope the above info helps.

- jbobfunky



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