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It has been noticed, at times, on the forum that people are suggesting to use remote control tools to complete specific custom jobs. Take note that using remote control tools, without a service, is not safe nor is it secured to use. Programmers can still gain access to confidential information via the remote file transfer.

Using the remote control without file transfer would not be a solution either since file infections might be involved especially if the poster addresses the issue about store file infections or hacking activities. Based on those events, forum supporters shall not be responsible whenever these cases might manifest. Using a remote control tool, even with a service, should only be considered as a last resort solution where, even there, it shouldn't be.

The reason why being from the forum posters suggesting to use a remote control, such as Team Viewer or other similar tools, is simply due to budgetary or personal security reasons where programmers would be limited on using his own resource to provide what the forum posters might require while the files being provided on the public network. Should a remote tool be considered when working on a private network rather than public without using a service? Absolutely not!

The use of SFTP (TLS Explicit) / cPanel File Manager should rather be considered. Should time zone issues be considered, with Filezilla FTP Client does solve the issue most of the time. Should other options be considered when Filezilla still corrupt files during uploads despite the file structure? Provide the files directly to the store owner by maintaining the mutual agreements between parties.

Otherwise, for the safety of your store and the hard work people are putting on to maintain their Business, using a remote tool with / without service is not worth it! and this includes the Remote Desktop Connection tool without a server providing SSL certificates and using ODBC connections from Microsoft Office tools. Programmers are now being informed whenever an OP user is suggesting to use remote tools to use them at your own risk!

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straightlight wrote:
Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:29 pm
It has been noticed, at times, on the forum that people are suggesting to use remote control tools to complete specific custom jobs.
You mean "Remote Desktop Software" not "remote control tools". It's important to use precise and correct wording:

But you're right, someone might ask a developer to work over Remote Desktop if they don't really trust them, but in that case you shouldn't be using the developer in the first place and we would certainly refuse all requests to work that way.

Instead you should check a developer's online history, reviews, and registered company is legit before giving them access to your website code.

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