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Hi there.

My website using Open Cart 1.5.4 was working without any issues apart from:
a) a Callback URL needing to point to a https address instead of http;
b) the need to install a security certificate; and
c) an image "shipping.png" was not "secure".

I have recently engaged a so called "developer" to correct the above issues and also:
d) upgrade from version 1.5.4 to the latest version of Open Cart; and
e) install a new theme.
He turned out to not really know what he was doing and botched the job up.

Essentially I think that he has:
1. Attempted to Upgrade to latest version and maybe overwritten some files; and
2. attempted to restore the site and database through CPanel but somehow that has not brought back the site to it status pre-commencement and made the site work very poorly.

So now, my website has a few issues including but not limited to:
1. The Slideshow does not load properly on my iPhone, my desktop PC and my laptop. I have also tried viewing the site on a number of colleagues' phones and desktop PC's which also show the same white section of the screen where the slideshow should be and the "loading circle" that just spins around forever. However, the site can be viewed properly on some Android phones and also that of the "developer's"
2. the Super Mega Menu does not work - the subcategories do not expand when I hover the mouse over the menu (this works on a colleague's Android phone)
3. Cannot add items to the cart from the home screen (this works on a colleague's Android phone)
4. the side Banners/boxes do not appear on any of my devices, but this works on a colleague's Android phone.
I have cleared all cache etc on all devices (using the function to clear "from the beginning of time") but that has not resulted in any success
5. When I add products to the Cart in the product screen and then try to checkout, i cannot proceed to step 1 and there is no next button to do so.

In the admin section:
6. I cannot copy products;
7. I cannot delete customers;
8. Order have been processed and I get the email but when I check the orders, they are not there as "Completed" so I do not know who has ordered and what products have been ordered. The payment has been processed through the merchant payment gateway.
9. There are possibly more issues that I have not yet discovered

Is there anyone who could assist me to resolve the issues. Please let me know and provide your estimated fees. If possible, I would like this done as soon as possible.

Thank you
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Hi ,
I can help you post upgrade issues.
Please check PM


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I can provide a highly professional service for you. Send me an email or message in Skype and we'll discuss the details.

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I an surely assist you. Please check PM for further details.
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Post by tienttn » Thu Jul 23, 2020 6:55 am

Hi All
My website bug issues have been solved by a very helpful Opencart Partner.
Thank you.



Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:36 am
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