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Trying to adapt opencart for Food Delivery and Takeout ordering.

I am using Opencart in Joomla site with Aceshop and need some custom coding and ideas.

Development Site is here:

Please contact me with availabity and for requirements. I will provide more details to serious inquiries.


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Hello there, we'd be happy to help. Would you like to email with some info so we can estimate for you?

Kind regards,
Paul :)

For quick, professional OpenCart support please email

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Post by bickster2 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:29 pm

Are you a Joomla programmer as well as opencart?

Have you seen our site? Ideas are welcome as well

A. We need to customize the order process: Add additional comment box for special meal instructions. These comments should be remembered in the user profile. Free delivery checkbox that admin can select.

B. Instant order notification with all necessary data...Name, Address and ordered items.

C.Admin tools – We’d like to build an admin tool with some predefined queries that will facilitate three goals: cooking; delivery; and customer management

1. Cooking – we’ll need a report for a particular evening of the ordered items so they know what needs to be cocked by abbreviated name (e.g., 15 fish, 20 chicken, 40 potatoes). You can display ½ orders and half and half orders as discrete items on their own – no need to aggregate all the halves with any form of digital intelligence as it is probably simpler for them to just add those manually.

2. Delivery –
a. There should be a simple DELIVERY ROUTE table with a list of delivery people and the Customer table should have a field for a ‘delivery route’ which would be filled by admin for every new customer if possible using a drop down menu that links to the delivery routes table.
b. An order delivery report should produce list of all orders by customer arranged and subtotaled by (1) pick up location A; (2) pick up location B; (3) delivery sorted and subtotaled by ‘delivery route’ showing special delivery instructions as well as whether COD payment needs to be collected
c. A delivery summary report should show the number of orders made in each delivery route (that way the owner would know how much commission to pay to any route owner). We should save these totals by date in the delivery route table

3. Customer management –
a. Report that shows all recent orders (in full) per customer for a date range which could be sorted by most valuable customer (in total orders for that date range) or by ‘delivery route’
b. Report that for a particular customer shows the details of the orders per date for a date range side by side to the menu for each of those dates and show an empty order for a week that there was no order (the idea is to be able to eyeball if the order correlates to what’s on the menu)
c. We need the capability to send the weekly email to the customers (it is the most important business driver at the moment). We need to figure out if we build our own capability (that allows a customer to opt out in which case we need a field on the customer table showing yes/no email participation) or a way to connect our database to Constant Contact, whichever is easier and causes fewer chances for error in the customer database

Please call to discuss

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