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We have recently put together an online store and are ready to launch. We have been unable to get the checkout process working. Do we need to activate the shopping cart to enable the checkout process? If so, could you give me an idea where I would do that? I've been through the dashboard over and over and haven't been able to find anything. )We have been unable to go past the add to cart stage in the checkout process as of yet.)

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As a general rule, after the categories and products (what you're selling), look at everything else that is settable (what they go through to buy it). Your question is at a level where version number might not matter, but it's a good idea to divulge which version(s) your're working with.

These are now cruicial:

Extensions / Shipping -- at least one, "free" works for testing
Extensions / Payments -- at least one, if PayPal be sure which one and tie it properly into your own account there
Extensions / Order Totals -- be certain what you need calculated, and enable it
System / Settings -- look at all settings that make the store work and that relate it to the server and to payment

It appears that the cart itself is already (still) activated, and that you still need to choose and activate ("enable") either a pseudocustomer account or guest checkout, and at least one payment means (if PayPal, be sure which one), and then at least one shipping means ("free" will work for initial testing). Be sure that your Localization settings and your "enabled" module choices agree in details (you'll see them). Since Checkout hasn't yet irritated you, you haven't yet been through setting it up and testing it (it will ask questions and require answers, most of which make sense but you may find yourself trying to argue with a machine while refraining from unplugging it).

Bear in mind while setting up and testing the whole in side-by-side browser tabs in using one machine (your very own usually cuddly but sometimes cussable machine) the cart itself and the administration panel itself will both set mutually incompatible cookies. Each of them will alternately ask and demand, "Halt, who goes there?!"; whereupon you must again log in to customer account or administrative panel. A workaround may be to use two completely different browsers (depending upon how bright the machine and software are) or separate machines (locally they'll have differing decimal quad dot addresses).

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