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This is my first post here and I'm looking for a solution to a specific problem. I have tried the search engine in the extensions tab without much success. What I have in mind is described in the following scenario. If anyone can point me to a link, developer or out of the box extension it would be greatly appreciated.

a.) I want to set up a OpenCart Multi-Store website using several sub-domains.
b.) I want to hire sales people in different locations to sell a product to their community businesses.
c.) I want the sales people to be able to insert the product information (including a cost) using the back office features.
d.) When the product is uploaded, the business owner would be taken to the payment gateway to complete the sale.
e.) I would like the (pre-defined) sales person's commission to be deposited into the sales persons PayPal account immediately.
f.) The balance would be deposited into my PayPal business account.

Notes: each sub-domain OpenCart Store (regardless of location), every (product) purchased is programmed to be deposited to my PayPal business account. Therefore, the sales person is paid for their efforts every time they make a sale.

If anybody can help I would be very grateful. Please PM if you require a more detailed explanation. I'm trying not to be too specific here, if you know what I mean!



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