You are just one-click away from the Greater China Market | Pilibaba's New OpenCart Integration

You are just one-click away from the Greater China Market!

Pre-installed on OpenCart 2.3 and above, Pilibaba's free plug-in for OpenCart 2.0 to 2.2 is now available on the OpenCart Extension Store to download.

We're very excited to announce that Pilibaba checkout for China – the simplest way to sell to China is available on OpenCart!  And it’s free! All you need to do is to enable the pre-installed module on your admin area (on versions 2.3 and above) and you are just one-click away from the Greater China Market. 
With enable Pilibaba, your store will be upgraded to:
  1. Accept payment from 1.3 billion Chinese shoppers by all China bank cards
  2. Display guaranteed landed price in Chinese checkout page
  3. Customs compliance with all orders!
Pilibaba for OpenCart Easy Checkout Experience
Domestic logistics support - shipping to a Pilibaba designated domestic warehouse with efficient re-label provided by Pilibaba, and we handle customs clearance and door-to-door delivery anywhere in China professionally. 
Pilibaba's Easy Logistic Solution
Marketing support - traffic generation in China markets, tailored designed marketing package to build your brand recognition.
Pilibaba's marketing options for OpenCart merchants
Customer services along with more add-on features are complimentary from Pilibaba, such as customer service for your store to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
Pilibaba, your ultimate all-in-one business solution which will make your store every possibility but no hassle when you do cross-border ecommerce in China. 24/7 technician available and talk to us if you are interested.
See how to install Pilibaba in OpenCart


Download the free Pilibaba module for OpenCart 2.0 to 2.2      or       learn more about how Pilibaba can work for merchants






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