OpenCart v1.4.7

1.4.7 is available to download!


  • Coupon discount taking more than the product total. Now matches max product total
  • "Total" order total module allowed negative totals if discounts exceeded total. Now stops at 0
  • Several language duplicates removed
  • Some city names updated in sql
  • Fixed potential filemanager while loop error with readdir (Based on's recommendation)
  • Fixed sagepay array for FailureURL
  • Fixed weight based shipping not supporting 0 cost
  • Fixed document $styles and $scripts on header.tpl to properly support the correct options
  • Shifted the shipping POST check to avoid reloading rate request when going to the payment page and not using quote session check
  • Cleaned up field size inconsistencies with email length between the validation checks and the db
  • Fixed login link to correct "&" vs "&";
  • Account approve not allowing logins for existing customers
  • Fixed Google Sitemap xml error to correct "&" vs "&amp";
  • Sort by price converting to string issue
  • store_url duplication in customer approval email
  • Fixed typo in customers "awating" approval function names
  • Fixed typo in order model for "notifiy" in the update function
  • Fixed incorrect Customers Awaiting Approval count on admin dashboard
  • Removed unsafe dompdf.php class file from the dompdf library (support files still intact and safe)


  • Universal Upgrade Script (supports upgrades as far back as v1.3.0)
  • Added setting language from url ...route=common/home&language=de
  • Added setting currency from url ...route=common/home&currency=USD
  • Added Product Tag table and added search support in tags.
  • Category Status in admin (per-category)
  • Information Status in admin (per-item)
  • Country Status in admin
  • Zone status in admin
  • Shipping Quote Session option in admin
  • Added version constant at the top of the startup.php file to allow programmatic usage
  • Added page warning on pages with multi-tabs to show error at top instead of just the field errors so it is clear
  • Items per page for admin rows configurable via admin
  • Items per page for catalog items configurable via admin (per store)
  • Show Weight on Cart page option in admin (per store)
  • Latest Module
  • Specials Module
  • Featured Module
  • Disable coupon order total will also disable coupon entry box on front end
  • Persist original route if login required
  • Disabling language removes requirement from need for entry in admin
  • Thickbox agree terms on checkout and create
  • Added Model Search checkbox on Advanced Search
  • Added Popular Products model function (Order by Viewed) for future use.
  • Added $product_info array to the product to make echoing additional fields easier
  • Improved order data return without double processing/subset
  • Added support for common base product discount pricing
  • Added Improved language support. Fallback to English for missing entries to avoid fatal errors over missing language file


  • All 1.4.6 compatible mods should work with this version
  • No class changes or removals were made.
  • Be sure to read the new upgrade.txt file before trying the new auto-upgrade script.


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