How to install OpenCart

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    Download OpenCart

    The latest version of OpenCart can be downloaded from the OpenCart website (recommended)

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    Upload files to your server

    Upload to your web server established and the OpenCart archive extracted. We will now use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to upload these uncompressed files to a web server.

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    Run automatic installer

    Goto the OpenCart location and it will install automatically.

Previous & Release Notes

Version Release Date Action
1.5.6 July 25, 2013 January 22, 2013
1.5.5 January 20, 2013 August 18, 2012
1.5.4 August 16, 2012 May 25, 2012
1.5.3 May 23, 2012 March 4, 2012
1.5.2 March 3, 2012 September 29, 2011
Version Release Notes
1.5.6 ADDED Paypal Pro Iframe / Payflow Pro iFrame PayPal Express Checkout Amazon Payments OpenBay Pro FIXED set the language class back tot he old style to avoid compatibility problems with extensions add the load method for language back to the loader class fixed an issue with deleting categories
1.5.5 ADDED Klarna Payment Gateway Product Filters Categories, Downloads now use auto-complete to select Updated the upgrade system Tried to add a system to allow the cart to be passed across multiple domains Added a system to allow users to decide what mime type files can be uploaded Altered the system to no longer use binary utf-8 and use general instead. FIXED A pr A problem was found with the encryption class that stopped files being decrypt, paypal and moneybookers from working correctly To upgrade from 1.5.4 you only need to replace the system > library > encryption.php file
1.5.4 ADDED Fedex Auspost PayMate View Customers Online Searchable fields like isbn, upc, eam, etc.. Updated the doctype to html5 Update (AIM) for Shipping information Added salt columns for better security Using mCrypt for better encryption security (now requires PHP mcrypt extension). better image re-sizing. if an images is the correct size it won;t be re-sized. FIXED Show stock warning only if enabled for individuals products. Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled Delete address from address book fix customer_blacklist IPv6 fix Use default PNG compression level of 6 A full list of fixes you can be found here: A full list of changes can be found here: FIXED A problem with the image manager making to many requests upon scroll.
1.5.3 Added: Company ID and TAX ID fields VAT number check CKeditor updated to the latest jquery updated tot he latest Voucher min/max limits in settings Fixed: SQL error in install Bulgarian zones list is incomplete more... See the official announcement thread for more details: FIXED: Checkout shipping options problem. Fixed problem with foreign languages. Fixed order editor problem with check boxes. Fixed success message appearing on the account page after removing all items from cart.
1.5.2 ADDED: Order editing system (This took me 4 months to complete). Integration with maxmind anti fraud system. Changed the cart page making it look a lot nicer integrating with reward points and coupons etc... Added the ability to ban customers by IP. Google base availability tag. CHANGED: Altered the buttons so they are either real buttons or links depending on their function. before i just used css links and js. this was not the best way because it stopped people being able to hit return to submit forms. Mass mail system has been changed so it can send out an unlimited numbers of mails. no need for mail chimp anymore. FIXED: Just about everything that was wrong with Fixed a bug that stopped emails being sent on some systems. Problem with product options displaying price when prices where only supposed to be displayed for logged in customers. Reward point fix to stop points a customer pays with being removed when you remove points added to an order. International shipping options are still displayed when a Uk shipping addres fix Please refer to the bug tracker list for all the fixes done: NEW: Updated the tax system added new functionality to cope with new laws bought about by the US and EU. Taxes can also be assigned to different customer groups Added auto complete in the admin for search for products, orders, customers, etc.. Added new payment gateway called Web Payment Software FIXED: Added utf-8 helper functions so there is no need for mb extension to be installed. Page speed rendering issue IE Multi-Store Layout Change not working for second store Please refer to the bug tracker list for all the fixes done:

Other download options

Clone the latest OpenCart version from GitHub. Visit repository.

Install OpenCart on your server via Softaculous. Learn more.

Download OpenCart in Amazon Web Services. Learn more.


These are minimum requirements needed so that OpenCart can be installed and work properly.
  • Web Server (Apache suggested)
  • PHP (at least 5.3)
  • Curl enabled
  • Database (MySQLi suggested)

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