How to install OpenCart

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    Download OpenCart

    The latest version of OpenCart can be downloaded from the OpenCart website (recommended)

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    Upload files to your server

    Upload to your web server established and the OpenCart archive extracted. We will now use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to upload these uncompressed files to a web server.

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    Run automatic installer

    Goto the OpenCart location and it will install automatically.

Previous & Release Notes

Version Release Date Action
1.5.6 July 25, 2013 January 22, 2013 August 18, 2012
1.5.4 August 16, 2012 December 19, 2010
Version Release Notes
1.5.6 ADDED Paypal Pro Iframe / Payflow Pro iFrame PayPal Express Checkout Amazon Payments OpenBay Pro FIXED set the language class back tot he old style to avoid compatibility problems with extensions add the load method for language back to the loader class fixed an issue with deleting categories A problem was found with the encryption class that stopped files being decrypt, paypal and moneybookers from working correctly To upgrade from 1.5.4 you only need to replace the system > library > encryption.php file
1.5.4 ADDED Fedex Auspost PayMate View Customers Online Searchable fields like isbn, upc, eam, etc.. Updated the doctype to html5 Update (AIM) for Shipping information Added salt columns for better security Using mCrypt for better encryption security (now requires PHP mcrypt extension). better image re-sizing. if an images is the correct size it won;t be re-sized. FIXED Show stock warning only if enabled for individuals products. Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled Delete address from address book fix customer_blacklist IPv6 fix Use default PNG compression level of 6 A full list of fixes you can be found here: A full list of changes can be found here: == OpenCart v1.4.9.3 == FIXES: - BUG: Notice: Undefined index: postcode_required if country set to please select - BUG: customer checks out and wants to change either the Shipping or Payment address, a "The page you requested cannot be found" error appears - BUG: Homepage modules cannot use document library class methods because the "header" module was loading before the homepage modules. - BUG: Disabling Bestseller items causes the limit to be (limit-1) - BUG: setting controller had copy/paste bug for icon/logo check - BUG: php.ini setting "max_upload_filesize" should be "upload_max_filesize" which explains why it didn't work - BUG: Paypal standard sandbox mode shows "text_testmode" instead of the correct testmode message - BUG: Postcode callback for address page was wrong - BUG: When reviews disabled, sort by still shows reviews in list - BUG: undefined index: default on customer edit screen for multiple addresses - BUG: mail subject and sender were not decoding html for ", &, ', ΓΈ, etc causing mail not to send Added: - Additional attempts to get rid of the cache unlink error messages - Paypal passing of state and phone for credit card address - Copied products are disabled by default and marked with [*] - Product Price Column on Product List page including special price - Google Base Feed support for currency (USD, EUR, GBP) - Removed "self" from related products and category parents - Improved document class loading in header.php - Enhanced currency library functions - Added Trim to address details to avoid spaces - Added UCWords to address details to auto capitalize - Alternating color rows for admin lists - Added x_invoice_num to - Added slight improvement to category caching for empty categories - Added support for discounts greater than product total for paypal standard - Added Hawkey's improved version of Admin Order Edit. This version comes with the following improvements and limitations: ---- It will allow you to add or delete products and it will update the Subtotal, TAX and Total. ---- It will also recognize if a product is a Special even-tough it will not show the special price in the list ---- It will recognize Quality discount with date, customer group, and quantity. ---- It will NOT let you change the payment nor the shipment method. ---- It will NOT let you change the Shipping costs. ---- Be aware that if you change the sort order of the "Extension->Order Total" area, it will not map correctly to the values in previously edited orders.

Other download options

Clone the latest OpenCart version from GitHub. Visit repository.

Install OpenCart on your server via Softaculous. Learn more.

Download OpenCart in Amazon Web Services. Learn more.


These are minimum requirements needed so that OpenCart can be installed and work properly.
  • Web Server (Apache suggested)
  • PHP (at least 5.3)
  • Curl enabled
  • Database (MySQLi suggested)

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