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Advanced Customer Groups v1.7

Advanced Customer Groups v1.7
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Extension Name Advanced Customer Groups v1.7 Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 3
Price $10.00 Sales 45
Developer ace-web.biz
Date Added 16 April 2013 Request Support
Date Modified 30 May 2016 Report extension
This module is designed to manage completly the customer groups and to give you control over all customers. You can set up a paid membership and connect products with customer groups. You can import and export customers via XML. Customers can be assigned to customer group automaticly on registration with code or when a product is purchased or even choose from all. Statistics for every group. Mass special price based on customer group and you can set up a discount for a customer group.

Support is guaranteed in every step. Every suggestion for improvement is welcome.


sorry for missing lately, please everybody who needs support for the extension write on SKYPE: xaoca.b.meh

ADMIN DEMO (demo/demo)

No files are overwritten.

Please check Documentation for full list of features.
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Download Name Compatibility Action
acgv1.7 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4, [ Download ]
acgv1.7(1.5.5+) 1.5.5, [ Download ]

Advanced Customer Groups v.1.7
Author: Advanced Coding Enterprise
E-Mail: office AT ace-web.biz
Skype: Advanced.Coding.Enterprise

If you have any questions or suggestions please send me an e-mail. I'll improve this module as long as possible and as much as possible. All questions and suggestions are welcome. If there is problem installing the module and setting it up I'll be happy to assist you. This module will soon evolve to something bigger and you will have it if you bought it once.

WARNING: This module requires VQMOD installed! This module may not work correctly if you have custom template for the Administration. This module may misbehave if you have another module that controls the "Customer Groups".

Notes: No files will be overwritten! This module must work with all themes and extensions. There is exclusions if your theme or extension changes the HTML structure of OpenCart or replaces the original class-names.

1. Upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your opencart directory (no files will be overwritten).
2. Go to your admin panel in System->Users->User Groups and click edit on your User Group (most common is "Top Administrators"), after that find the module "module/acg" and set permissions to access and modify.
3. Go to your admin panel in the Modules section and install the module.
4. Set the preferred settings in Modules->Advanced Customer Groups->Edit.


  1. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups: new field "Membership Code". Used to create a code and when a new customer is registering the system will ask for this code, if the customer put the code for the current group he will be automaticly assigned to this group.
  2. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups: new field "Discount". You can set automatic discount for this group and when you edit the customer group you can choose to which products from the preferred category you want to apply this discount. When you click safe this discount will be applied as "Special Price" to all products in the selected category only for this customer group. If you put 0 as discount all special prices for the products in the selected category will be removed only for this customer group.
  3. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups: new field "Welcome". This field is HTML editor in all installed languages and you can put here text of your own. This text will be displayed to all customers in the current group in the "Profile" page. Is good use to make anouncments for current promotions or discounts only for this group.
  4. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups(LIST): new field "Total Users". Displays the total number of users assigned to this "Customer Groups".
  5. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups(LIST): new field "Sales". Displays the sales made from this customer group: total number, payed, non-payed.
  6. Admin -> Catalog -> Products(EDIT): When you Add or Edit product in tab special when you choose customer group, the special price is calculated and filled automaticly based on the discount you have inserted in the "Customer Groups".
  7. Admin -> Catalog -> Modules(Advanced Customer Groups): You can assign the welcome message from customer groups to different layouts and positions in your store.
  8. Admin -> Catalog -> Modules(Advanced Customer Groups): You can choose how customers can assign to "customer groups".

    • Insert code(the field "Promotional Code" from Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups(ADD/EDIT):)
    • Choose from list(All customer groups are displayed and the customer can choose which one he desires)
    • Disable(every customer is assigned to default customer group)

  9. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups(LIST): new action "Export". You can export all customers in XML or customers only from selected customer group.
  10. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups(LIST): new action "Import". You can import customers from XML. All datatype is accepted as long as it have E-Mail. You can even import only list with E-Mails.
  11. Admin->Modules->Advanced Customer Groups You can set up a paid membership to your store. With this action a customer will be assigned to a customer group if he buys specific product.
  12. Admin -> Sale -> Customers -> Customer Groups[Add/Edit]: new field "Paid Membership". You can assign products to the customer group and when a customer buys this product, he is automaticly assigned to this group.
  13. Front End -> Registration Page: Assign customer to "Customer Group". You can choose from two ways to assign customers in "Customer Groups": Insert Code/Select From List
  14. Front End: new module "Welcome message". This module is different for every customer group and can be edited in customer groups. Good use for anouncments for promotions and discounts. (the field can be edited from the lanuage file)

1. Calculate special price when new product is inserted

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