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Live Update Product Price PACKAGE operators operations ocmod

Live Update Product Price PACKAGE operators operations ocmod
Extension Name Live Update Product Price PACKAGE operators operations ocmod Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 6
Price $12.99 Sales 108
Developer ooleonoo
Date Added 5 May 2013 Request Support
Date Modified 21 February 2016 Report extension
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This is a package for option price.
1 - Live Update Product Price with Option Price

- Updates the price when options are changed
- Dynamically supports unlimited options
- Works with Reg Price and Special prices
- Works with all currencies. Retains the symbol & decimals
- Supports all 3 prices (price, special, and price excluding tax)
- Supports all cost driven options (select, radio, & checkbox)

2. Option = * / +% -% + - Price Module
- It gives the possibility to use more operators like = / * +% -% in option section (not just -/+).

3. Enter percents for discounts and specials
If you want to be able to apply discounts & specials by percentage, this is a quick mod to allow it. This particular mod works by taking the percentage at the time of entry and converting it to a value.

If you have a product that is $125
and you want to give 10% off you can simply type "10%" in the discount/special price field. When you click save, it will convert it to $12.50. Then subtract that from the normal price. Making the Special price of 10% off of 125 = $112.50. The next time you edit that product, the special/discount will show "12.50". So the percentage is calculated at the time of saving.

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This modification has been tested on versions,, 1.5.4,
File transfer to the folder / vqmod / xml /
Requires modification of the database tables:
Change the type of the field quantity from int to decimal 15,3 in tables
oc_product_discount, oc_order_product, oc_product_option_value
All main code is stored in separate file. All edits done with vQmod (Required).
Live update v2 has been tested on version
See "README.txt" included in the archive and follow the steps.
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Download Name Compatibility Action
option package, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6 [ Download ]
live update v2,,,,,, [ Download ]

Installation vQmod (avoid this step if already installed):
File transfer to the folder / vqmod / xml /

OCMOD is a system that enables OpenCart developers to modify a site by uploading a compressed file that contains XML, SQL and PHP files.
OCMOD extensions are installed by using the default "Extension Installer" - admin>Extension Installer - please see guide below.
vQmod extensions are installed by copying contents of the zip folder to the site root.
OCMOD extensions are NOT stand-alone plug-ins but depend on a search for lines of code that exist in the core "source" code.
**If the core code has been changed or if another OCMOD/vQmod extension needs to modify the same line then it is possible the extension will fail.
OCMOD is based upon Qphoria's vQmod system.
While vQmod xml files are copied to the vqmod/xml folder and the cache files found in the vqmod/cache folder, OCMOD xml files are copied to the database and the cache files found in the system/modification (system/storage/modification for OC version => 2101) folder.
If necessary an OCMOD extension can be temporarily disabled or permanently deleted; no alterations or changes of any kind will have been made to the core files.
It is worth noting that the OCMOD cache files will remain unaltered until the cache-refresh button is clicked on the modification page.
IMPORTANT NOTE - vQmod and OCMOD xml files are NOT interchangeable, even with a change of suffix/extension. vQmod extensions cannot be installed using the "Extension Installer" and OCMOD extensions cannot be installed using vQmod.

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