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Option To Product

Option To Product
Starting from price on all product listings LIST type options with option image Dynamic model, stock, price change on option selection Assign image to option values Automatic additional images from option assignments Dynamic image change on option selection Individual model, stock, price, special price and weight LIST type options with product image Up to 3 chained options Option combination and option images csv import export tool Option images as bullets with dynamic image change Settings panel
Extension Name Option To Product Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 81
Price $59.99 Sales 914
Developer CartMotion
Date Added 3 November 2013 Request Support
Date Modified 15 October 2016 Report extension

Do you need more control over product options?

Option To Product can solve your needs:

  • NEW! - introducing a new option type: LIST
  • NEW! - LIST type opions with option image
  • NEW! - LIST type options with product image
  • NEW! - child options are displayed only after parent selection
  • NEW! - unavailable options are hidden
  • combine options - chain up to 3 per product
  • keep individual stock for each combination (e.g. Size XL, Color Red = 8 pcs)
  • unique product code for each combination (e.g. Size M, Color Blue = Code 0012345)
  • different price for each combination (e.g. Size S, Color Green = $12)
  • individual weight for each combination (e.g. Size XXL, Color Yellow = 0.100KG)
  • assign multiple images to one option per product
  • option image bullets - option bullets with dynamic image change on product listings
  • product information changes on selection (price, stock, product code)
  • product images are dynamically changed based on option selection
  • settings panel - so you can tailor the extension to your needs
  • included option combination and image data Import/Export tool, Update By Model/Export By Model tool
  • can be made compatible with any custom template (including any zoom or carousel features)
  • 100% vQmod. No direct file modifications necessary

Important Notes

The extension is guarenteed to work out of the box only with the standard OpenCart template
If you are using a custom template - modification to the extension might be necessary in order to make it work
If you are a developer - I will gladly give you pointers for making the extension work with your custom theme

Custom Theme Integration

Custom theme integration is provided for free with your purchase.
We will also be needing ftp access - with write permission only for the vqmod/xml directory
No direct file modifications will be made to your site

Feedback & Support

Please send an email with your request to: support@codinggoodies.com
For support requests*, please make sure you include your Order ID in the email subject

* support requests with no Order ID will not get a response


- only SELECT and LIST type options are compatible with the OTP chained options system
- the extensions option system may be used combined with standard OpenCart options
- the extension is limited to a maximum of 3 linked options
- option images can be asigned to only one of the 3 linked options
- the options import/export feature only works with OTP option combinations
- the image data import/export feature only works with OTP assigned images and is intended to modify only database values and not actual image files
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option-to-product-2000.zip [ Download ]
option-to-product-156x.zip,,, [ Download ]
option-to-product-202x.zip [ Download ]
option-to-product-201x.zip, [ Download ]
option-to-product-154-1541.zip 1.5.4, [ Download ]
option-to-product-156.zip 1.5.6 [ Download ]
option-to-product-203x.zip [ Download ]
option-to-product-1551.zip [ Download ]
option-to-product-210x.zip, [ Download ]
option-to-product-2200.zip [ Download ]
option-to-poduct-23xx.zip,, [ Download ]

Your download includes full extension documentation regarding:

- Install
- Usage
- Troubleshoothing

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