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Extension Name PALADIN SEO MANAGER Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 94
Price $57.77 Sales 617
Developer RomarioT
Date Added 2 December 2013 Request Support
Date Modified 19 August 2016 Report extension

PSM offers the best SEO tools at the best price and it can ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine.
Front site
Admin site
oc.paladinseo@gmail.com (help in 24 hours)

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Download Name Compatibility Action
Paladin-5.2.4.c - OC-2.x.x,,,,,,, [ Download ]
Paladin-5.2.4- OC-1.x.x 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Paladin-5.2.5 - OC-2.3.0,, [ Download ]

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does your extension change any core files or the database? Does it add any new columns in existing tables or does it add any new tables in the database? If so can you tell me the columns and tables that it adds?
No changes with core file. Work only via VQMOD injections. About database - Paladin creates a few new tables and adds columns to the product_description, category_description e.t.c.

2. Does your extension affect the performance or the speed of my site? Does it need a lot of server resources?
All test on different sites got a next result:
1. if you use cashe system - Paladin hasn't affect the performance
2. on 80% of sites Paladin hasn't affect the performance (without cache)
3. on 20% of sites Paladin increases time of load page on 1-1.5sec

3. Will your extension and specifically breadcrumbs work with my custom responsive theme? I also use third party review system called Yotpo which I believe might affect breadcrumbs.
Breadcrumbs works perfect with any theme. Yotpo wouldn't affect on it

4. I use a third party sitemap extension (UKSB Sitemaps) and I would like to know whether links created (seo friendly urls, links created through the path manager, cannonical links, seo paginattion,...etc.) by your extension will be inherited or used by any sitemap or not. This is very important and so I want to make sure.
All links created by standard Opencart function "$this->link()". Paladin only changes this function according your setting in the Paladin. XML sitemap it hasn't any relationship to the links.

5. How do your Generators work with import/export tools? For example if I add hundreds of products with excel sheet through some import/export tool, will your generators automatically fill blank seo related fields for the products?
If your import/export module uses standard system of Opencart for save new products - yes Paladin will be fill all fields, if you turn on Autogenerate function. In another case, you can use generator after export

6. Also I do not totally understand the difference between the options "Append to end" and "All items" for the Generators. I understand that "Append to end" will add the items written in the template at the end of each field whether or not it is already filled or empty. But doesn't "All items" option do the same thing? What is the difference between them?
"All items" - this mean rewrite all fields. All your old data will be lose. This is good question and in next version I will change this name of mode on "Rewrite all"

7. If I click Clear button will it clear only the fields generated by this extension or will it also clear the seo related fields of the existing products which were added before this extension was installed? If it clears everything, can you not give following options:
1.clear all
2.clear only that was created by this extension.
Where possible the "Clear function" deletes only data, which was generated from Paladin, look below
- Related products
- URLs (keywords)
- Reviews
- Description
Other seo data, as META Description & keywords, titles, H1, e.t.c will be deleted all.

8. How exactly level of relevance work for related products? What is the logic behind it?
I can't describe you all logic of search related products, but it based on many parameters (price, category, nema, description, e.t.c) and when you change "level of relevance" requirements to these parameters will be changed also and you can get more/less related products

9. Do the script in the template need be to put in quotes like this? "buy !pn, !cn, !pb, !pm, !pu"
or without the quotes like this: buy !pn, !cn, !pb, !pm, !pu
Must be without quotes

10. As for spin, for example, in below template how do we know which product uses which combination? Is it randomly selected by your system?
{buy|cheap|discount on} the !pn {on sale|and free shipping|online}
Yes, random selected.

11. As for additional settings, to make sure that I understand it correctly I have below question.
Does Nt # Pn # Tb for !csd work for only category and brand templates?
When you click on the parameter button, which has additional values, you get a popup window, with setting of additional values. Parameters !csd and !csn works only for category

12. How does your extension handle special characters that might be in product names but are not accepted in seo urls, seo image names,...etc. ?
Paladin uses transliteration function for replace special characters to latin. All special characters will be replaced on equivalent latin characters. Exception: when you use generator in "National mode" - transliteration function don't used, but the text will be still cleared from a, e, i, o, u, u, n, ?, ? and other.

13. Also If product names are pretty long, does it affect the process of changing image names?
Yes, it does.

14. I generated SEO URLs, but in address field I still see route, product_id and other parameters. What do I do wrong?
You must find in main folder of website file .htaccess.txt and rename it to .htaccess

15. I have site in subdirectory. After generating SEO URLs, I got "Page not found...". What I must to do?
ou must find the line:
RewriteRule ^([^?]*) index.php?_route_=$1 [L,QSA]
And replace it on:
RewriteRule ^([^?]*) SUBDIRECTORY/index.php?_route_=$1 [L,QSA]
where SUBDIRECTORY - name of your directory, where installed Opencart site

16. How much time I need for SEO improving in SERP(Search Engine Results Page), after generating all items, and switching-on all SEO features?
For acceleration SERP, after SEO optimization, you must:
Generate new XML Sitemap for your site, for example here
Inform Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines about new XML map, and invite them spiders on yours website.
After that, you have to wait 2-4 weeks for the results

17. What is the difference between Paladins SEO and Nitro?
This is different modules, and each of it does other work.
Nitro - creates cache for every page for enhance speed of download pages;
PSM - create additional code, HTML and SEO URLs for every page for enhance search engine results page (SERP);

18. Is it possible to do the same URLs that "PACk SEO PRO"?
We can guarantee, that all urls will be same on 95%.
If you have a few languages, URLs will not be same, because PACk SEO PRO adds language code to keyword, but Paladin SEO creates virtual
subdirectory, for example:
PACk SEO PRO (French): mysite.com/category/product-fr.html
Paladin SEO (French): mysite.com/category/fr/product.html

Paladin SEO Manager
Installation Instructions:

1). Unzip paladin-seo-manager-ver(X.X.X).zip archive in folder of your choice. After extracting the archive you will find "vqmod" and "upload" folders, readme docs.
2). If you have already VQMod installed, please skip to step 6.
3). If you don't have installed VqMod to your system, please copy vqmod folder which is OUTSIDE "upload" folder to your server root directory.
4). Backup your index.php and admin/index.php files.
5). Open your favorite browser and navigate to your http://site.com/vqmod/install/index.php to complete the installation.
6). Upload the files from the "upload" folder from paladin-seo-manager-ver(X.X.X).zip (you have already extracted archive in step 1) to your server.
7). Login in your admin panel and navigate to: Extension -> Modules
8). Click on install button of Paladin SEO Manager
9). After installed you can enter into Paladin SEO Manager with two way:
- Main menu -> Extensions -> Paladin SEO Manager
- Main menu -> Extensions -> Modules -> Paladin SEO Manager

Support messenger account: oc.paladinseo@gmail.com

Release notes:
Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.1 - First release 02.12.13

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.2
- did optimization for PHP ver5.0 - ver5.2

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.3
- fixed problem with parameter "Session Language"
- now, Rich Snippets on all pages
- added possibility to generate SEO URLs in national language (chinese, russian, greek, and all other languages)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.4
- solved problem with length of national SEO URLs

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.6
- fixed problem with function "strtolower" for generate url in national language
- fixed problem with function "direct link" for home page in file catalog.xml->getNewLink
- fixed problem with pararameters !cn(category name) and !cd(category description)
- fixed problem with rich snippets for product page
- added new functions: button "Replacing" in all tabs of generator, which giving possibility to replace any string in the SEO text on any other string
- added new functions: system for alert about functions of new versions

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.7
- fixed problem with displaying testing data in non-english language
- fixed problem with with double processing of generating
- fixed problem with a few equal parameters in one template, for example "!cn - !cn(3)" - must generate: "Catagory1 - Catagory1, Catagory2, Catagory3"
- fixed problem with image generator, when file name and name of parent category is same
- fixed problem with with deleting descriptions of manufacturers during install module
- fixed problem with with SEO title for information pages
- added Progress Bar for generator, which display percentage of process generate
- rewrited code of generator core, and now you can use this module with unlimited number of products in your Database. It was testing on website with more than 40000 products and 3000 categories

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.0.8
- fixed problem with the generator of images names
- fixed problem with the generator of related products

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.1.0
- added support for RTL language in the admin interface
- added template system for URL generator. Now you can write own template for the SEO URLs of products
- added checkbox "Generating only for empty SEO URLs" on tab "Generator -> SEO URLs", and this give you possibility generate SEO URLs only for empty keywords

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.2.0
- fixed problem with SEO url for the search page
- fixed problem with Microdata for Home page
- added new tab in the SEO tool: Sitemap - now you can generate the correct sitemap with only canonical - links and in all languages
- now in the "SEO Edit" tab you can find only the active products, categories and info
- now you can generate image names in national languages

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.3.0
- fixed problem with multilanguages in the SEO Editor
- fixed problem with info in the rich snippets
- added button replacing for generator of images
- added video tutorial

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.5.0
- fixed problem with generator, when you have more than 4 languages
- fixed problem with rich snippets, when canonical links is OFF</br>\
- fixed problem with canonical link for product pages
- fixed problem with special price in the rich snippets
- fixed problem with breadcrumbs in microdata for categories and manufacturers
- added new tool: SEO Store - now you can easy set name, title and META tags for every of your stores and for every language. Look at the "SEO Tools" -> "SEO Store"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.6.0
- deleted duplicates in the settings "config_seo_url" from table "config"
- removed from the block of pagination the next string "...."
- solved problem with microdata for the brands pages
- solved mistake on the AutoGenerate tab in the info area
- solved problem with the double quotes in the SEO texts
- added generator for reviews of products (look at the "Generators" -> "Reviews")
- changed behavior of the SEO title - now if you has another plugin for custom SEO title, they will be works together
- added support SEO urls for module "Blog system"
- added support for adding urls from the module "Blog system" to the sitemap

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.6.2
- fixed a small problems with review generator
- added support for plugin "Blog Manager"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.6.5
- changed behavior for names of the users for reviews
- solved problem with auto generator for reviews
- changed info text for the review tab
- solved problem with search page, if you use Inernet Information Server
- added popup for setting additional values for parameters in the template (just click on parameters !cn, !cd, !ep e.t.c)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.0
- solved bug with the single quotes in the text of reviews templates
- solved problem for url generator, when name of product contain the point and setting "In national language" is enabled
- solved problem, when you use the not mysql database
- changed info text in the Generator of URLs
- solved problem with sitemap.xml for Opencart 1.5.6
- solved bug with the single quotes in description and name of products during apply generator for the related products
New functions:
- now you can generate SEO URLs separately for products, categories, brand and info pages (see on GENERATOR OF THE SEO URLS )
- changed interface for Generators (now more clear and friendly for user)
- added possibility to choose the mode for generator (generate for all/empty/append)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.1
- now all manipulation in the Paladin interface become more faster
- added additional parameters: !cn and !bn to the generator of URLs
- solved a small problem with url in the national language
- solved problem with parameter !pp

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.2
- solved problem with file search.tpl
- added parameters !bn and !cn to the Image Generator

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.3
- solved problem with image generator, when using empty temlate

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.4
- solved problem with autogenerate function for urls
- added css support for language links for the theme aquacart
- solved problem with generator of URLs, when you use it separately for every tabs (product, category, ...)
- added support SEO urls for Blog Manager

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.7.5
- was solved another problem with autogenerate function for urls (undefined variable "pack")

Paladin SEO Manager ver 1.8.0
- solved problem with autogenerate SEO URLs, if you have a few languages
- solved problem with getting the settings of SEO tools in the Admin site
- solved problem the preview mode if seo text contain special chars
- added new controls (Delete all / Restore All, global check / uncheck rows) to edit tables of review "names of users" and "templates for reviews"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.0.0
- solved problem with edit information pages in the tab "SEO edit items"
- solved problem with showing not active products in the generator related products
- solved problem with function "mysql_real_escape_string" in the generator
- changed info header for the tabs of generator
- added css support for the block of languages for the Flatro-Nine theme
- added new generator for H1 tag on the pages of products, categories and brands

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.1.0
- solved problem with search example product, when one of your category there are no has products
- solved problem with search field and search page for Opencart ver 1.5.4
- solved problem with image generator in the national mode, when you have spanish chars
- solved problem with mysqli database
- added support for Social Button in HTTPS mode

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.2.0
- increased speed download of pages

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.3.0
- added suport social buttons for Shopica and rgen themes
- changed place for inserting "panel bar" from "after <body>" to \"before </body>"
- solved problem with autogenerate function for seo H1 tags
- solved problem with tags for version of Opencart ver 1.5.2 and 1.5.3
- changed method of inserting snippet to the pages for more stable works
- solved problem with site map, if you use MySQLi database
- added support for module "dvenced menu"
- added support for module "Quick Edit"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.4.0
- solved problem with the generator of sitemap, when your urls contain "&"
- solved error "Undefined index: seo_title in /home/petsite/public_html/mgmadmin/model/superseobox/index.php on line 1", when you enter to "edit seo items"->"information"
- improved work with snippet on the front site
- created new file "paladin-seosearch.xml" in the folder "vqmod/xml/PALADIN support 3th side". And if you want use seo url in search fuction, you can move this file to "vqmod/xml", and then testing search field. (this feature works with standard Opencart search field)
- added function for caching sitemap (reduced time for upload on 400%)
- added support multistore for the sitemap generator

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.5.0
- solved problem with seo urls, which contain the parts with the same text. For example "opencartartsite/cart".
- solved problem with refresh of templates for generators, when adding new language
- added support for module PavBlog
- was changed structure for support 3th plugins and themes for the Paladin. Now if you have the next themes or plugins:
1. admin quick edit
2. advanced menu
3. pav blog
4. blog system
5. blog manager
6. flatro theme
7. aquacart theme
8. shoppica theme
You must:
1. go to "vqmod/xml/PALADIN support 3th side"
2. find the needed file
3. move it to folder "vqmod/xml"
4. clear cache

- changed style for showing test data
- added support multi language for the standard Opencart pages (Wish List, My Account, Shopping Cart, Checkout, e.t.c).
Now you can write your own texts for urls of these pages in the national language. For do this you must go to "Generators -> SEO URLs -> Add/Edit/Delete SEO URLs" and write your own urls in national language.
After this you must click on button "Standart SEO URLs -> Generate!" and choose mode "All items"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.6.0
- solved problem with social buttons, which got shown in the error log
- solved problem with editing SEO H1 tags in the "Edit SEO items"
- solved problem with the price in the Rich Snippet for Google
- added support for module simple-checkout
- added support for module NITRO cache
- added support for parameter "config_language_id", which uses in another modules (pdf and xls generators)
- added new tool - SEO Pagination. Now, content from the pagination on your site will be appear in search results in Google and other search engines

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.7.0
- solved problem with auto generate function, when there are a few languages
- solved problem with SEO pagination, when url has the non-seo format
- added new seo tool - 404 manager (look at the "SEO tools -> 404 manager")
- changed user interface - added the new tab "Social & share"
- improved behavior with 404 page, when one of url's part was not found, for example:
Standard Opencart behavior:
1. site.com/category/subcategory-bad (broken link)
2. site.com/category (will be displaying page of category)
Paladin behavior:
1. site.com/category/subcategory-bad (broken link)
2. site.com/category/subcategory-bad (404 page:"The page you requested cannot be found.")

Paladin SEO Manager ver 2.9.0
- was solved a critical error with function "replacing" for templates
- was solved a little error on home page with the rich snippets
- was solved problem with social buttons on the pages from other modules
- was changed setting for the autogenerating function. Now it has more flexibility for setting
- added support for SEO URLs for the module "News Blog"
- now parameter !tp(total products) counts products in all children categories also
- changed logic for support multi languages, now all more quickly works
- added button "Delete all URLs" for 404 Manager
- added possibility to write templates special for every categories for generate products tags, META keywords, META description, title and H1 tag

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.0.0
- solved problem with logical session error from parameter "ssb_page_type"
- solved a slight problem with symbol " in generator of URLs
- removed the extention, as .html, from URLs for SEO URLs generator
- solved bug with changing language if you use "seopagination"
- changed the structure of snippets for correct HTML5 validation

- added the filter of category for URLs generator of products
- added two new parameters for generator of categories (!csn - names of subcategories, !csd - descriptions of subcategories)
- added support for spin format in the all generators. For example, now you can write {buy|cheap|discount on} the !pn {on sale|and free shipping|online} and then get unique texts:
1. cheap the Canon EOS on sale
2. buy the Apple Cinema 30" online
3. discount on the Ipod Touch and free shipping
- added new seo tool: Languages Links (see "SEO tools -> Languages Links")
- added new seo tool: SEO breadcrumbs (see "SEO tools -> SEO breadcrumbs")

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.1.0
- solved problem with rich snippets, if there are currency is with coma as a decimal separator
- solved bug with Standard SEO URLs, when added new language
- solved problem with generator, when you have a few languages and one of them has status desible
- now really improved speed of download page with Paladin
- changed behavior for generator, which are using in mode "only empty". Now if you generate the first time all your old seo urls will be save for default language

- added support for "bossblog"
- added support for "journal theme"
- added support for SEO urls for "Journal Mega Menu"
- added support for "Author module"
- added support for module "Information competition"
- improve system of change language- now is more stabile
- added support for theme "Gameworld"
- added new generator of the Alt Image
- added new generator of the Title Image
- added new tool "Path Manager"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.2.0
- solved logical error with QR-generator
- changed behavior for function "language direct link" - solved bug, which changes language on default on the front, when you refresh admin page
- added new tab "SEO edit", which help you view and edit all your SEO data in the one place

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.3.0
- solved problem with path manager, when you use products without category
- improved behavior for the route system
- added support for module "information extend"
- added support for theme "openamazon2"
- added support for "journal theme"
- released special addon "UNLIMITED Sitemap Generator", look at the "Generators -> Sitemap (addon)"

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.3.3
- added support for the theme "bossblog"
- solved bug with google verification tools
- solved a small error with user name for review generator
- solved a small problem with generator of review

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.4.0
- solved problem with duplicate of standard Opencart Page
- changed rewrite function - now all works more fast
- added support for module "Advanced reports"
- solved problem with autogenerate function

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.6.0
- solved bug with function "getCategories" for admin part
- changed the placement for popup in the SEO Editor
- was solved problem for SEO Edit tab: now all data from different languages are loading separately via AJAX
- added support seo urls for Boss Blog
- added support for theme OPC050106
- now all links in the manufacturer pages includes only path of category + product url, without name of manufacturer
- improved pagination for first page - now the link for the first page didn't has page number section in URL and in the tag "prev"
- added possibility to use generator only for one language, just after click on button "generate" you can choose language
- solved problem with the cache for path manager - now the speed of page rendering is more faster (also after update you must go to folder system/cach/ and delete folder path_manager)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.7.0
- solved pagination in the plugin blog manager
- solved problem with seo title
- added possibility to turn on/off the cache for rich snippets

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.8.0
- solved problem with SEO urls for manufacturers
- solved problem hreflang tag
- added possibility to turn OFF/ON the language prefix in the urls

Paladin SEO Manager ver 3.9.0
- solved problem with auto generate function, when there are a few languages
- solved problem with SEO pagination, when url has the non-seo format
- solved problem with search field and search page for Opencart ver 1.5.4
- solved problem with image generator in the national mode, when you have spanish chars

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.0.0
*** IONCUBE VERSION - requires license file and Ioncube loader on server http://docs.whmcs.com/Ioncube_Installation_Tutorial ***
- solved problem with google+ button for additional stores
- solved problem with supporting of module Blog manager
- solved problem with the cart, when purchasing products in a not-default language page
- solved problem, which appearing when you first time click on link with language prefix from Google
- solved problem with autogeneration for manufacturer
- solved problem with InnoDB during installation
- solved problem with autogenerate fuction for the SEO URLs generators
- solved problem with support for module Pavblog
- solved problem with rich snippet for home page, if your site has a few languages
- solved problem with adding page number to title
- solved problem with the first pagination link
- added new tool - SUFFIX URL MANAGER - that give you possibility to control suffix for urls
- added new powerfull tool - CHECK URLS, - which checks path and redirects to the correct link
- improved search for tags
- added support for module Advanced menu
- changed behavior for generator of image names: now if you use the same images for a few products - for every product will be created new image with unique name
- added support for showing the image of manufacturer on the manufacturer info page
- add support for theme Journal 2
- added support for theme Bg gomarket
- added support for Vendor module
- added multilanguage for Paladin interface (now aviable English and Russian)
- added support for SEO-cms-blog

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.1.0
- solved problem with error PHP Notice: Undefined variable: text_must_between
- solved problem with the "like buttons", when in the title of page is present
single quotes
- solved problem with pagination and breadcrumbs in error in the vqmod file
- solved problem with file ioncube-test.php

- added alt tag for QR-image
- adde loader for loading admin interface

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.2.0
- added support for OpenCart 2.x.x
- changed interface design
- solved problem with image for manufacturer page
- solved a small bug with title in Rich Snippets
- added support for module Brainyfilter
- added support for Journal2 Blog
- added support for Shopencart News Blog

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.3.0

- solved problem in the "Rich Snippets" on product page, when your breadcrums hasn't the text, but only the icon
- solved a small bug with popup in the Path Manager
- solved a little problem with the empty line in the sitemap file
- solved error with file glob_set, which has data for initial Paladin
- solved a technical mistake in vqmode code, which implements in file search.php
- solved problem with function "Check urls", when you have another route type from another module
- solved a little vqmod error in file product_form.tpl, which break the field SEO Title
- solved problem with upload country in "generators > setting > select country", after you add new language
- solved problem with autogenerat function for Opencart 2.x

- created support for new version of Blog Manager module
- added image dimensions for qr-image, for fix in gtmetrix checks
- changed behavior for social button - now it shows only on the product, category, manufacturer and information pages
- added the new powerful possibility - now you can write parameters inside in other parameters, for example, if you will write the next template "!wt(,# !pn {buy in|cheapest in|best in})" -> you will get the next text "iPhone buy in [city1], iPhone buy in [city2], iPhone buy in [city3], iPhone cheapest in [city4], iPhone buy in [city5]", where !pn - products name, and !wt - cities, which you uploaded in "generator > setting"
- added new modes to Path Manager:
- Last Category
- First Category
- added new Tools "Last Modified", which adds special header to your pages and increases speed download the page, and for Google bot more quickly parsing your site
- added new Rich Snippet "Google Publisher"
- now Paladin use standard Opencart controller \"seo_url.php\" for management the urls, and, as a result, all your blogs, articles and news modules can work without any additional support

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.3.0(b)
- fixed rout problem with new function "Using the own Opencart seo-url controller "

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.4.0

- solved problem with function Last Modified
in htaccess file you must put this lines
RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE:%{HTTP:If-Modified-Since}]
RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_IF_NONE_MATCH:%{HTTP:If-None-Match}]
, after RewriteRule ^([^?]*) index.php?_route_=$1 [L,QSA]
- solved problem with pagination in another modules, such as filters, and blogs
- solved problem with seoeditor >> brand page, not showed all brands
- fixed problem with downloading js files for OC ver 2.x
- solved problem with function ob_clean in the sitemap tool
- solved problem with Forward function for ver 2.x of Opencart
- solved problem with module Journal2-Blog
- added checking/changing the permission for the images file in the "file name generator"
- removed Ioncube Loader protection

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.5.0

- solved incorrect behavior with generator for products description, now when you select category - will be generate description for products only from this category
- added support for tags on category page for Journal 2
- removed the duplicate title in img tag on category page

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.6.0

- solved a small issue with price in snippet
- in rich snippet changed breadcrumb format from RDFa to http://schema.org/Breadcrumb
- solved technical mistake in author snippet

- added generator for H2 tags
- added generator for H3 tags
- created new SEO tool - Paladin Redirect Manager (PRM), as addon
- added new snippet - Linked Data
- added new snippet - Sitelinks Search Box
- added new snippet - Geo Location

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.7.0

- added support the sitemap links for Journal2 blog categories and pages
- added new behavior for removing SEO data >> now you can choose: Delete all / Delete only created by Paladin / Delete only created by Paladin and then were edited by the admin / Delete all except created by Paladin

- solved problem with multilanguage link in sitemap tools - now you can gen links in all language for all pages
- removed duplicate type "organization" in the Linked Data
- solved VQMOD error: SEARCH NOT FOUND (SKIPPED): <h1><?php echo $heading_title; ?></h1>
- solved technical mistake in Author Snippet "c ontent=..." >> "content=..."
- changed behavior for qr_image function - now don't caching the qr-image files

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.8.0

- added Paladin's block to Main Admin Menu
- added possibility to choose place for showing tags H2 and H3
- added support for class style of element h2 and h3 >> now h2,h3 will be have the same class as your standard element H1, from your theme
- solved a little problem with geozone ID for Link Data
- solved vqmod error in menu.tpl file for OC 2.x.x
- solved problem with natural and special mode for language in theme Journal2
- solved error "PHP Notice: Undefined index: meta_seo_data", which appers during generate process
- solved problem with saving information page
- solved vqmod error in pagination file for OC 1.5.x
- solved problem with qr-code - now it shows in right position (shar_manager.js)
- solved a little error with clearing cache from Paladin
- solved problem with pagination, when your website not uses port 80
- solved a little problem with CKEDITOR getData function
- solved problem with fulltext index in non MYISAM engine DB

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.8.1
- solved a style problem with H2 and H3 tags
- solved problem with brand generator
- solved problem with image for brand, if it not exist

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.8.2
- solved the problem with prev and next links, - now it shows properly
- solved problem with generator of related products, when your products has a lot of parent categories (100 and more)
- solved problem for description generator for product, where you choose generate only for one category
- added new parameter for temlate system - pi(ISBN - International Standard Book Number)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.0

- added support for module Icustomfooter
- added new mode for seo tools >> path manager - shortest for category path
- added new mode for seo tools >> seo breadcrumbs - shortest for category path
- created Cron Generator

- was solved the problem for installation process, when on your server use "stripslashes" for session variables
- was solved problem with server variable SERVER_PORT and SERVER_NAME
- was solved css problem with support tab
- was solved problem with pagination in template list for category in generator
- was solved problem with urls, which has in one of their part the next text "page-..."

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.3

- added new seo tool - SEO Redirect. This tool changes a not seo url on the seo format
- added support for theme BTParallax
- added new parameter for templates in SEO URL geneartor - ps(Product SKU), pi(ISBN), pp(price), sp(special price)
- added new parameter - sp(special price)
- changed parameter pp(product price) - now it includes tax
- changed transliteration function for generating seo url, now will be removed all characters '

- solved problem with autogenerate function for default language
- solved conflict with module "Questions and Answers"
- solved problem with review generator
- solved problem with autogenerator for reviews, when you generate only for one language
- solved problem with unescape function for title, tags h1, h2 and h3 texts
- solved problem with pagination for 404 manager

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.4

- solved problem with Linking Data > Search box
- solved error 'undefined index query' in file seo_url.php
- solved error with sitemap, which appeared in ver

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.5

- solved problem with character ' in the seo url generator
- solved problem with seo url for blog module for theme Journal

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.6

- solved problem with the star image for review generator for opencart 2.x
- solved problem with the identical names for reviews, now for all your reviews will be use different names of user

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.7
- added support for theme Pavilion

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.8
- solved problem for seo title in "seo tool >> seo store" for OC 2.x.x
- solved problem with tweet button, now works perfect
- solved error "Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding()"
- solved problem with autogenerate function for H2, H3 and Alt Image texts. Now works!
- solved vqmod error in the file response.php
- solved problem with OC.2.0 during inserting vqmod code in the file session.php

Paladin SEO Manager ver 4.9.9

- solved problem with function curPageURL(), when using https on port 443 without ssl sertificat
- changed redirect status for path manager from 302 to 301 Moved Permanently
- solved problem for change language in "special" mode for OC 2.x.x
- improved speed for search language code in url for tool "Language Mode"
- added checkbox "only for empty" for auto generator of urls. Turn on it and your urls will not change if you already have old urls

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.0.0
- solved problem with modification system for OC2.x.x
- solved problem with change language on home page, when urls ended without slash
- solved problem with canonical link on home page for OC2.x.x
- solved problem with autogeneration for brand admin page

- added new setting for the canonical link: now you can add/remove http/s protocol, add/remove www-suffix, add/remove slash at the end of url
- improved autogeneration process
- added new setting for the seo pagination tool: now you can use it together with ajax-downloading product list
- added support Opencart 2.2.0

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.1.0
- solved problem with language controller for oc2.2
- solved vqmod conflict with Simple Blog
- solved problem with empty title in rich snippets >> breadcrambs for OC 2.x.x
- solved problem with pagination in Admin site
- solved vqmod conflict with Pavo Theme
- solved error with canonical url and its parameter: use_www and trailing_slash
- solved error: Call to undefined method Cart\Currency::getCode() for oc 2.2

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.1.1
- solved problem with trailing slash for home page, now works properly
- solved problem with additional seo fields on product's page in Admin area
- solved problem with autogenerate function fot Title Image

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.0
- added support for PHP7
- solved problem with auto deleting seo urls during using generator in preview mode
- solved problem with language folder for OC 2.2 in admin area

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.1

- solved vqmod error in file seo_url.php
- solved error with sitemap tool for oc 2.2
- solved error for tools >> language mode, now languages change properly for version of OC 2.2

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.2
- solved error - Undefined index: redirect in /home/drogerie/public_html/carseat/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_module_language.php on line 106 (for oc 1.5.x)
- solved error imagecreatetruecolor(): Invalid image dimensions in ... image.php on line 109 (for oc 2.2)
- solved error Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\Currency::getCode() (for oc 2.2)

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.3
- solved problem with migration Paladin to version of Opencart 2.2

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.4
- solved API error on page admin/order/edit
- solved problem with !wc and !wt parameters for OC 2.2
- solved problem with H2 and H3 tags for PavFashion theme
- solved PHP error with setting of canonical link during upgrade to OC 2.2
- solved problem with additional SEO fields in page admin/category/edit
- solved problem with seo redirect for home page
- solved error with generator, which use in mode "Only for Empty"
- solved problem for changing language in OC 2.2
- solved problem with sitemap for additional stores

- added new position for H2 and H3 tags - After Description
- added images links to sitemap

Paladin SEO Manager ver 5.2.5
- added support for OC 2.3.x

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