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Bulk Product Update Pro

Bulk Product Update Pro
Removing the product from default store Updating product's status Updating the product price Updating the product qty Adding product to German store
Extension Name Bulk Product Update Pro Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 106
Price $28.00 Sales 1149
Developer nchankov
Date Added 27 February 2011 Request Support
Date Modified 17 October 2016 Report extension
Demo is available - see below. Bulk Product Update Pro module is for shops with big number of products and big turnover where the prices and quantity are changed often. Instead of open each product and change the price, quantity, status and many more attributes, this module will give the possibility to update them directly from the product list.

Key Features:

• Key product's attributes are updated – name, model, product image, price, quantity, status, product to store link*, manufacturer, categories, product order
• Totally independent, no core files will be overwritten
• Ajax data submit – no extra buttons and page refreshes.
• Advanced column filtering – search products with ranges.
• Ability to edit discounts and special prices with pop up.
• Ability to see front-end price of the product in separate column (now with and without tax).
• Fast and responsive support - see the comment tread.

Attributes of the product which can be edited with Mass Product Updater Pro:

• Product name
• Product model
• Product image
• Price of the product
• Product quantity
• Product status
• Product to shop relation
• Special prices & discounts
• Product categories
• Product order (position of the products in the lists)
• Product manufacturer
• Product description
• SEO Keyword
• SKU number
• Location
• Date Available
• Weight
• Weight Class
• Tax Class
• Stock Status
• Dimentions (HxLxW)
• Length class
• Product Tags
• Featured Product - working with Opencart's Featured Module
• Product Subtract
• Meta Title

Extra functionality provided from the module:
• Advanced filters for many columns
• Ability to see front-end price of the product.
• Possibility to see if the product has Discounts or Special rules
• Set featured product with one click
• Ability to edit full product form within popup and without page refresh.
• Full Ajax support – sort, pagination and filtering of the table as well as Product Copy and Delete are done without page refresh
• Default product functionality – Adding a “Master copy product” which could be used as template when adding new products
• Adding ability to enter gross prices – simple Prices incl Tax helper.

Demo Server

Goto Catalog->Product menu to see the extension.

!!! IMPORTANT: The extension DO NOT work properly with Joomla-Opencart clones. The only way to make this working is to add a regular opencart installation and link the admin to the Joomla Frontend. The following article should help you with this setup.

If you experience troubles, I will help you with that.
You must buy a license to download this extension click here.
Download Name Compatibility Action
BPU-2.3.ocmod.zip,, [ Download ]
BPU-1.4.zip 1.4.9,,,,,, [ Download ]
BPU-1.5.zip 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
ocmods.extra.2.0.zip,,,,,,,,,, [ Download ]
BPU-2.0.ocmod.zip,,,,,, [ Download ]
vqmod-1.5.zip,, [ Download ]
BPU-2.2.ocmod.zip [ Download ]

Extended version of the documentation is included in the package.

Preinstall: If you are installing it on a local machine without
ftp, make sure you have installed the following extension:

1. Download BPU.2.0.ocmod.zip

2. Open the menu "Extensions > Extension Installer"

3. Click on the Upload button and select the BPU.2.0.ocmod.zip

4. Go to menu: "System > Users > User Groups" and open the desired group

5. Select the catalog/product_extra from Access and Modify Permissions and click on save button.

6. Goto menu "Extensions > Modifications" and press the refresh button

You are done. Now visit "Catalog > Products" to see the new extension.

Happy Using.

If you want to install a new version first uninstall the previous one and then repeat the install


I installed the extension, but I see a lot of errors on top when I go to the extension
Solution: Most likely you placed all vqmod scripts in your server. Some of the scripts are "bridges" to other extensions like BulkProductUpdateCost.xml and BulkProductUpdate_PIM.xml remove all vqmod scripts related to the extension and keep only BulkProductUpdateMain.xml. Then read the readme.txt in the vqmod archive. It explain what do each script.

I am using old version of Opencart (at least 1.5.1 or less) and when I install Gross Prices vqmod, the extension is not working at all.
Solution: You need to update the version of jQuery. Go to /admin/view/javascript/jquery/jquery-1.6.1.min.js and replace it's contents with jquery v 1.7+

NOTE: For all Joomla component users like jCart and mijoshop please read the following article:

Quick tips how to work with it:

Go to Catalog->Products menu
To change the price of product click on product's price and change it. Focus out and the price will be changed. The same apply to quantity.

To change product status just click on the link in Status column and the status will be changed.

Advanced filter:

use N> for greater than. For example 10> will show products with price bigger or equal to 10
use <N for lower than. For example <100 this will show products with price lower or equal than 100
use N<N for between for example 10<50 which will show products with price between 10 and 50.

The same apply for quantity filter. You can use price and quantity filter in combination too.

8.2 Fix gross price when page has been sorted or paginated
8.1 Adding title to category popup, order the checkboxes
8.0 Remove Group Change when changing the price in columns Discount Price and Special Price
7.9 fix image update script
7.7 Adding Meta Title field
7.6 Fix Category order
7.5 Fix Date Available (couldn't select) + fix Weight Class. Stock Status & Length class.
7.4 Fix side menu in popup
7.3 Fix product description save, fix popupform and side menu, fix pagination dropdown
7.2 Fix urlencode when filter by Product name
7.1 Removing Old code which causing the Notice error
7.0 Modifying extension to work with OC 2.0
6.9 Fix problem while updating Special price and Discounts in the table. Missing default group
6.8 Adding Special and Discount Max price edit in the table + various fixes
6.7 Fix for product popup edit + small html typo
6.6 Adding subtract product
6.5 Adding VqMod for Featured products
6.4 Fixing a bug with Gross prices functionality for Special and Discount prices
6.3 Adding UPC, Location, Date Available + (EAN, JAN, MPN, ISBN as vqmod since they are not in 1.5.1)
6.2 Translate all remaining labels in the extension
6.1 Fix Chrome on save in popup
6.0 New hooks in the files
5.9 Fix for floating table on small resolution
5.8 Fix for Form Builder extension
5.7 Compliance with version of OC
5.6 Bugfixing + Keep edit dialog width and height
5.5 Bugfixing + Adding gross prices on Special and Discounts prices
5.4 Bugfixing
5.3 Bugfixing
5.2 Bugfixing
5.1 Adding tags column
5.0 Bugfixing
4.9 Adding Weight, Weight Class, Tax Class, Stock Status, Dimentions (HxLxW), Length class
4.8 Adding preview of product for multistore (added new column for that)
4.7 Adding option to add or remove "Are you sure" when deleting products or removing categories
4.6 Adding button to view frontend product
4.5 Bugfixing - SKU number accepted only digits
4.4 Added ability to change the image manager.
4.3 Added Confirmation for deletion and coloring the delete button in red.
4.2 Added ability to see original product list. Settings are moved to a dialog window.
4.1 Adding “Default Product” functionality
4.0 Adding Gross prices “plugin”
3.7-3.9 Bugfixing
3.6 Adding product description, seo keyword and SKU
3.5 Bug fixing in JavaScript
3.4 Custom table rows
3.3 Full ajax support – sort, pagination and filtering
3.2 Added ID column in the extension
3.1 Product edit in a popup and fixing some problems/bugs
2.1 Adding Product name edit, Product model edit and Product image change.
2.0 Adding Manufacturer & Product Order column, New column for Front-end price and ability to show or hide the columns in the table. Identification for Discounts and Special rules.
1.9 Adding category modification functionality.
1.7 Adding category column and category filter.
1.5 Adjusting module for Opencart 1.5 and adding ability to edit special price and discounts
1.2 Bugfix for missing Product name while filtering by Store
1.1 Bugfix for clearing cache of the product.
1.0 Initial version

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