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OpenBay Pro - OpenCart's eBay and Amazon adaptor

OpenBay Pro - OpenCart's eBay and Amazon adaptor
Extension Name OpenBay Pro - OpenCart's eBay and Amazon adaptor Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Free Votes 46
Developer welfordmedia Downloads 81635
Date Added 5 December 2011
Date Modified 26 September 2016 Request Support
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Amazon UK, Amazon US and eBay integration for OpenCart. OpenBay Pro allows you to create new listings, synchronise stock across all marketplaces, manage orders and much more, all through your OpenCart admin interface.

Please Note: You must update OpenBay Pro manually. Ensure that you download & install the correct version of OpenBay Pro - if you are unsure just ask our support team.

  • List using your products in your OpenCart store
  • Bulk list products to eBay & Amazon
  • Default settings allow you to save time when creating listings
  • Link your existing products to your OpenCart products
  • Supports HTML templates on eBay (complete tag list here)
  • eBay shop categories
  • Import your eBay listings to populate your OpenCart store; information, images, attributes + more!
  • Ends & updates stock when items sell - on eBay, Amazon & OpenCart!
  • Relists back to eBay & Amazon when new stock is added
  • Imports new orders from eBay & Amazon
  • A quick link to your listing from the product list page
  • Shipping and returns profiles
  • Create multi option listings when combined with our OpenStock module (eBay only)
  • Bulk order update tool for all channels (No subscription required)

Find out more about OpenBay Pro here.

  • Selling Manager Pro subscription on eBay
  • Amazon Seller Central Professional account
  • vQmod (On versions before 1.5.6)
  • Your server must have PHP mCrypt, gzcompression & mbstrings extensions enabled


Can I sell on just eBay, Amazon or Etsy and not the other?
  • YES! You can sell on all 3 marketplaces at the same time, more marketplaces, more potential sales !

Do you have a knowledge base?
  • YES! You can view our knowledge base here.

Do you offer support?

[*] Module (one time use only)

This module will not be installed by the creator. Please note that on versions of 2.0 of OpenCart this is pre-installed and can be found within the 'Feeds' We do offer a installation service which can be found here:

You can get the current guide now available on OpenCart Here:
For more information about OpenBay Pro, please email the team at: info@welfordmedia.co.uk.
Having problems with OpenBay Pro? Please raise a support ticket on our support site and our support team will be able to help you.
Download Name Compatibility Action
OpenBay Pro v2909 for OpenCart to, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, [ Download ]
OpenBay Pro v2904 for OpenCart 1.5.6+ 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
OpenBay Pro v2981 for OpenCart 2.0.x,,,, [ Download ]
OpenBay Pro v2980 for OpenCart 2.1.x, [ Download ]
OpenBay Pro v3077 for OpenCart 2.2.x [ Download ]
OpenBay Pro v3061 for OpenCart 2.3.x,, [ Download ]

ALL support requests / bug reports have to be raised here:

For help with installation and problems:

New suggestions:

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