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Individual Per Item Set Shipping Cost

Individual Per Item Set Shipping Cost
Extension Name Individual Per Item Set Shipping Cost Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 6
Price $15.00 Sales 404
Developer centrexity
Date Added 31 December 2011 Request Support
Date Modified 5 November 2014 Report extension
Set a flat shipping cost for each individual item.
One item can be 5.95 another 1.95 they are completely individual.
Note: Takes the place of the location field

5.00 = $5.00 * quantity
1:5.00 = $5.00 * quantity
1:5.00, 5:4.00 = 1-4 $5.00 * quantity 5+ $4.00 * quantity
you can have up to 10 different quantity savings on each item

Works with your set currency.

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Thank You

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Download Name Compatibility Action
IndividualShipping 2.5 1.4.9,,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]

1.00 = $1.00
1:1.00 5:0.50 = buy 1 and shipping is $1 buy 5 or more shipping is 50 cents

Works with your set currency.
Multiple currency is in the works will prioritize if requested.

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