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Opencart Blog Manager
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Extension Name Opencart Blog Manager Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 59
Price $45.00 Sales 1204
Developer qahar
Date Added 7 January 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 23 August 2016 Report extension

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Blog Manager is an articles management for opencart site. We learn on how blog manager should work from our experience build it for clients. We want to make something easy to managed yet powerfull enough to fulfill your need.

Blog Manager have several additional extensions to support Themes and Extensions by 3rd developers.

=======// Features
  • Unlimited articles and category.
  • Multi-language article and category.
  • Author management (Level: Author, Editor and Admin).
  • Multi column template for categories (ex: two, three, four column).
  • Threaded comments with permission control.
  • Search integration for articles and products.
  • Related article and product on article pages.
  • Related article on product pages.
  • Integrate article and product tags.
  • RSS Feed and Sitemap.
  • Search Engine Optimation.
  • Microdata (schema.org).
  • Articles and categories SEO Url.
  • Article and categories canonical link.
  • SEO Url auto suggest.
  • Template and stylesheet fallback.
  • Six additional modules: Category, Recent, Popular, Latest, Tags and Archives module.

=======// Extensions Ready
Extension that ready to use and supported by Blog Manager:
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=======// Feedback and Review
Feel free to suggest think to improve and please take a moment to rate and review Blog Manager.
FYI, comment related to fitur question and support at this page will be deleted regularly.

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Download Name Compatibility Action
BlogManager_v.1.4.0,,,,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]

Installation and Update Docs included on download package.

Online documentation is available here.

===== Changelog

* Fixed
^ Improvements
+ New Feature
~ Deprecated
# New Feature - Feedback Expected

=== v. 1.4.0
* Fix duplicate URL on Alias auto-suggest
* Fix category copy/ delete error without selected item
* Fix missing date error when copy article
^ Use template on mail notify to client when staff reply through admin
+ Add twitter card

=== v.
* Fix filter by name at admin comment list
* Fix customer name not show on comments reply
^ Improve SQL queries to fix article not published on server with different time between PHP and MySQL

=== v.
* Fix date modified issue on new article

=== v. 1.3.6
* Article with no category is excluded at Blog home
* Comment still show at Blog home even if disabled
* Related article (admin) cannot select article with no category
* Related article show future date publlish
* Meta_title issue when adding new language
* AddThis blocked on SSL pages
* Article list ignore the year on archive module
* Article list (admin) sort by category issue
* Consistent author name on comment reply (admin)
* Comment form still appear even if disabled at article
^ Send mail notification to customer when author reply comment (admin)
^ Publish date with clock options
^ Add Uncategorized category filter on article list (admin)
^ Setting to disable URL Alias auto suggest
^ Uninstall clean up all blog related database
+ Feed per category
+ No follow setting for comment links
+ Meta robots options on setting (global), article and category (specific)
# Inpage online help (Help button open new documentation windows)

=== v. 1.3.5
* Multistore related product
* Virtual directory on item without url alias
^ Support MySQLi (OpenCart
^ Feed tag structure
^ Clear cache after database update
^ Remove database on un
+ OpenCart Shortcode ready

=== v. 1.3.4
* Admin comment list filter and pagination
* SSL for default avatar
* Admin multi-store article list
* Avatar reply comment
^ Disable comment per article
+ Meta title for article and category
+ Article and category multi-template

=== v. 1.3.3
* Blog sitemap structure
* Total article count at admin article filter
* Customer Group name on comment badge isn't multi-language
* Module archive error when publish in future time
^ Admin and Customer Group badge color setting
^ Blog feed and blog sitemap limit setting in admin
^ Admin Article list filter: Store and Date Created
^ Blog search article info setting
+ RSS Icon in category and article page
+ Blog categories in OpenCart Sitemap page
+ Day and Monthname in language file (support all server)

=== v. 1.3.2
* Article search not show correctly
* Copied article should have created date as now
* Article should be copied if new language added
* Article title on latest comment module isn't multi-language
* Disabled product still show at related product of articles
^ Open Graph support
^ Multi-language for Blog Home description

=== v. 1.3.1
* Blog exclude array issue
* Blog sitemap not valid at Google Webmaster
^ Article equal-height at category if column 2, 3 and 4
^ Change gravatar check with Curl
+ Check blog_custom.css for stylesheet modification

=== v. 1.3
^ Compatibility with OpenCart v1.5.4
* Guest comment permission
* Min and max comment characters
* Reload captcha after submitting comment
* Comment pagination break due the virtual directory
* Related article at product page multi-store
^ Convert manual Id input to checkbox
^ Red background for disable item at admin
^ Separate blog setting into section
^ Compatibility with OpenCart v1.5.5.1
+ Mail notification to admin when get new comment
+ Filter article list in admin

=== v. 1.2.4
^ Compatibility with OpenCart v1.5.4

=== v. 1.2.3
* Auto Url alias for "blog/category/home"
^ Virtual "/blog" directory
^ Increase article title limit
^ Module category
^ Module archive

=== v. 1.2.2
* Manual read-more on blog feeds
* Article featured image link at category
* Feed order not descending by date
* Featured image not available on blog feeds
* Maximum comment not set properly
* Gravatar SSL issue on some server
* Auto clear comment form if submission is success
^ Auto pretify Url for blog/category/home
^ Article featured image now linked to the article
^ Move blog search result under products result
^ Show badge of staff comment at comment list (admin)
+ Blog search enabled/ disabled control (admin)

=== v. 1.2.1
* Prevent "no admin" condition
* Blog Archive issue when article disabled
^ Opencart 1.5.3.x compatibility
^ Delete blog url alias during Uninstall
^ Automatically setup Blog Layout
+ Horizontal article list on modules

=== v. 1.2
* Security fix
* Feed validation
* Error on empty tags
* Article content at module
* Related product at article
* Sub-category breadcrumbs
* Double comment on certain server
* Untranslated string
^ Ability to put manual read more
^ Gravatar http/ https auto detect
^ Prevent no admin author condition
^ Prevent conflict with other extension
+ Archive module
+ Related article at products
+ SEO Url auto suggest
+ Article info setting
+ Comment min/ max characters

=== v. 1.1
* Typo correction
* Issue with add & delete author
^ SEO Url
^ Article: tags & related products
^ Search results
^ Blog Manager modules
+ Tags modules
+ RSS Feed & Sitemap
+ Microdata (schema.org)

=== v. 1.0
Initial released.

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