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Amazon S3 Pro Integration

Amazon S3 Pro Integration
New upload methods
Extension Name Amazon S3 Pro Integration Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 1
Price $35.00 Sales 47
Developer dsDev.io
Date Added 10 February 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 29 January 2015 Report extension
Note Regarding Opencart v2.x.x Support
Work on a brand new version of this extension, with added features specifically for Opencart v2, will begin in February, and I hope to be releasing it soon after. For emails informing you of updates as they come, sign up to the mailing list. I won't spam, promise! If you buy now or have already purchased this extension, you'll get a discount code for v2 when signed up to the mailing list.

What does it do, exactly?
This plugin overrides standard OpenCart downloads, enabling you to host your files on Amazon S3. You can choose from files already in your Amazon S3 bucket, or you can make use of the upload feature to automatically send the file to your bucket when you create the download in your Opencart Admin.

  • Host your downloadable products on Amazon S3
  • Upload new files to your bucket directly from Opencart
  • Option to upload selected files to your own hosting
  • Backwards-compatible - won't break any downloads you already added
  • 5 minute expiry on download links to prevent unauthorised sharing
  • Optional URL cloaking to hide the fact you're hosting files on Amazon S3*
  • Support for Opencart versions 1.4.9 - 1.5.6.x

* Note that URL cloaking works by first downloading the file to your server, and then passing it to the customer. This means you will use more bandwidth. If you're hosting large files, you may also run into memory limits. If that happens, speak to your host.
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Download Name Compatibility Action
Amazon S3 Pro Integration v0.2.0 (Legacy! Try later versions first) 1.4.9,,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, [ Download ]
0.2.1 Downloads patch for 1.5.3 1.5.3 [ Download ]
Amazon S3 Pro Integration v0.2.1 1.4.9,,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3 [ Download ]
Amazon S3 Pro Integration v0.2.2, 1.5.4, [ Download ]

Amazon S3 Pro Integration

Pro integration brings the same functionality of the basic version but with added flexibility.
With the pro version you can choose whether to upload to your cart or Amazon S3. You can even
upload your files to your bucket first and then reference them by simply selecting the file
from a listing of everything in your selected bucket, or type/paste in the filename.

Author: [Dave Shoreman](http://codem0nk3y.com)

License: Feel free to use/modify where/what you want, but only on one live site. All I ask is that
you don't distribute the code and you keep any modifications to yourself (and/or your client).


I've tested this in Opencart versions, 1.5.4, and 1.5.3.

The extension does NOT work in 1.5.3, so if you have that version of Opencart then please
download version 0.2.1 of my extension instead, and also the 0.2.1 downloads patch if needed.

For Opencart versions older than 1.5.3, you can use either 0.2.0 or 0.2.1.

If you do have an older version of Opencart, it's highly recommended that you upgrade, as I
no longer have the time required to test my extension with so many versions of the software.


> Note:
> Make sure you have [VQMod](http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/) installed before
> installing Amazon S3 Integration for Opencart. If you don't, nothing will happen.

1. Copy all files to your cart installation directory
2. Check access/modify permissions for "codemonkey/amazons3" in System > Users > User Groups
3. Click the Amazon S3 link in the main navigation
4. Enter your Amazon Key and Key ID pair, then save
5. Select a bucket, save again. You're good to go!


Upload the new files, ignoring the system folder, then go to the Amazon S3 admin page. It'll
detect the old table containing your existing settings and migrate them to OC's setting table.
Once that's done it'll clean out (read: drop) the old table before letting you know it's updated.


Add your downloads the usual way. Instead of being saved to your server, they'll be transferred
automatically to your Amazon bucket. Any existing downloads won't be affected, as the plugin
has code built-in to detect downloads added "pre-S3" and let it do its thing.

Customisation & Installation Service (aka "Hire Me!")

If your store is already established and upgrading would be an issue, or if you just need a feature
that the extension doesn't support yet... Contact me with your Opencart username and email address
and I'd be more than happy to discuss options with you to get the solution you need.

I can also install my extension for you for a small fee, or even develop a bespoke solution that
meets any specific requirements you may have. Simply let me know what you need and I'll get back
to you with a quote as soon as possible. Note that for installations/upgrades I will need access
to your server environment. I'll let you know exactly what details are needed when you contact me.

My email address is my first name (at) codem0nk3y.com or you can PM me via Opencart's forums.
Hint: My first name is Dave.

Known Issues

- If you change which bucket to use with the plugin, your downloads won't be updated so you
will have to move/update them manually. To avoid issues, use a dedicated bucket for OpenCart.
- Some servers experience out-of-memory issues with large downloads when using cloaking.
- Modified downloads uploaded to S3 via Opencart aren't being pushed to previous customers,
although editing all other downloads will work fine. It will work for new customers too.


### v0.2.2 - 17/01/2013

- Happy new year!
- Proper support for the "new" ajaxified way downloads are handled by Opencart
- Removed backwards compatibility for OC versions before and including 1.5.3

### v0.2.1 - 04/05/2012

- Added URL cloaking option so you can hide the fact that you're using S3
- Completely rewritten the models
- Added installer/updater - no more need for install.sql!
- No longer uses its own table to store config values

### v0.2.0 - 04/02/2012

- Removed debug code I previously forgot about
- Added installation check to the plugin's config page
- Added the ability to create a bucket directly through the Opencart backend
- Tweaked the config info messages to better reflect the functionality of the pro version
- Added 3 new upload methods: "Local" upload, and two ways of selecting an existing S3 file
- Removed version from the install MySQL dump
- Fixed Opencart 1.5 theme/layout bugs

### 0.1.1 - 28/12/2011

- Added MySQL table dump
- Added support for OpenCart 1.5.x
- Aws system dir is no longer hidden
- Removed version-specific VQMod files
- Stripped unnecessary comments
- Swapped filename/token so the file extension is at the end
- Added if_object_exists() check to avoid Warnings

### v0.1.0 - 27/12/2011

- First release

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