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[VQMOD] Custom Templates 1.5.X

[VQMOD] Custom Templates 1.5.X
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Extension Name [VQMOD] Custom Templates 1.5.X Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 9
Price $50.00 Sales 84
Developer JAY6390
Date Added 1 September 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 8 April 2016 Report extension

Custom templates allows you to set a specific template to a product, category, manufacturer (brand) or information pages. You can also assign a single template to all products under a specific brand or category too and can optionally override this template with a product specific one should you wish to do so

How it works

To create a new template copy the original .tpl file for the product, category or manufacturer into the /catalog/view/theme/default/template/custom/ folder. You can optionally arrange your templates into subdirectories in this folder for easier management. Next, make the changes you wish to the template, and save

To assign a template to a category or manufacturer, edit the item in the administration area, and select the "Design" tab. You will see a dropdown with a list of your templates to assign to the item. You will also see a dropdown for a product template override. This is to allow you to configure a template to every product under the selected category/manufacturer, without having to assign them individually

For products, you can set the template individually, again in the "Design" tab in the product editor

There is an order of precedence for template overrides for products. If a product has a template assigned via the product editor, that will be used regardless of category/manufacturer templates assigned to products. If it doesn't, a manufacturer assigned product template will be used if enabled. If a manufacturer template isn't used, the category assigned product template is used if enabled. For category templates where a product is in multiple categories, the category with the lowest sort order gets priority for template assigned
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