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AJAX Quick Checkout (one-page-checkout, checkout checkout)

AJAX Quick Checkout (one-page-checkout, checkout checkout)
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Extension Name AJAX Quick Checkout (one-page-checkout, checkout checkout) Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 339
Price $44.99 Sales 3398
Developer Dreamvention
Date Added 31 October 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 11 October 2016 Report extension
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Download Name Compatibility Action
Ajax Quick Checkout v4.5.1 OC 1.5.x 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Social login Lite v4.3.4 OC 2.x.x (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Yahoo),,,,,,, [ Download ]
Social Login Lite v2.5.0 OC 1.5.x (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Yahoo) 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Ajax Quick checkout OC 2.x.x (BackBone, Analytics, Lang),,,,,,,,,, [ Download ]

Name: AJAX Quick Checkout by Dreamvention.com
Author: Dmitriy Zhuk
Support: http://dreamvention.com/support
1. Autocomplete option added
2. Fix shipping and payment address conflict on registration
3. Fix multiple request sent
4. Small bug fixes.
5. added confirm data update.
6. refactor updateMiniCart
7. option added to update header mini cart
1. confix file fix
2. fixes
3. Wait for ajax while confirm button is disabled.
1. fix empty totals
2. support oc v.
1. Fix bugs with custom field.
1. Ocmod installation.
2. Compress update button.
3. Update the cart from another module with qc.cart.updateCart().
4. Fix bugs
5. Add shopunity dowload.
6. Add Google analitics cheking.
7. Fix bug with payment view
1. Add Warning message when you have not shipping or payment method.
1. Custom radio fields fix
2. Emtpy description tags removed
3. Dependency install fix
4. Update conpress fill
5. fix update jason custom field
1. Fix for new customer id cart clear
2. Fix dependency download function
3. Fix heading field display
4. Update conpress file
1. Added js compress option
2. payment popup fix
3. lazy loading for popup payment
1. lost input fields fix
2. focus fix
3. register after confirm address fix
4. breadcrumb display feature
5. fix mask
6. ISO_3 created on the load step for klarna
7. payment method terms
8. address_id loads only when logged in
1. popup window for payment method
2. language edit of titles, icons and descriptions
3. fix for address format
4. fix for confirm trigger
5. fix for button bootstrap styling
6. Installation check for dependencies versions
7. fix total variable in getTotals
1. fix custom fields based on customer group id
2. fix statistics for analytics
1. feature country and zone default value
2. feature placeholder option
3. fix confirm trigger
1. Compatibility
1. Multi-settings - New Settings configuration
2. AB-testing
3. Analytics and Google Events
4. Backbone - speed increase
5. Autoinstall dependencies
1. Bugfix.
1. autocompleate on.
2. address confclict fix
1. Bugfix.
1. Updated to
1. Fixes.
2. Added new function - clear session data
1. Lite version fix.
2. .live() to .on()
3. New iOS theme.
1. Code refactoring to optimize the checkout flow and speed up the process
2. Added new style option for addresses for logged in users
Compatibility fixes - please visit http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=17134

to get Mijoshop and joomla compatibility fixes and much more

1. Shopunity admin - with Shopunity Patch (http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=14928&filter_search=shopunity)
2. 3 columns plus 4th column as a colspan betweeen 2 and 3
3. Image popup for products in cart
4. bug fixes

We have moved the update information log directly into AJax Quick Checkout. now you can see all the information by clicking "Check Version" in the admin panel

[Description v4.0.5]
1. Added a new option for login block - style as block or popup

[Description v4.0.4]
1. fix: only vouchers can now be purchased;
2. Update: when logging in with another method, AQC will show avalible addresses.
3. Update: The tigger can now be edited in admin (usefull for special payment methods, that have different class or id's for the payment button.
4. Bug fix: https fix, admin folder change fix.
5. Bug fix: sending admin emails with email field turned off.

[Description v4.0.3]
1. Bug fixes: IE 9 checkout bug fix. Important;
2. Bug fix: Tax calculation based on the address
3. Email for Guest does not go through exist check

[Description v4.0.2]
Bug Fixes
Admin Language files fixes

[Description v4.0.1]
Bug Fixes

[Description v4.0 beta]
The New version is a completely new code. I has been reworked to work as a separate module that you can place in positions or substitute the main checkout.

There are no more second steps - just one step.

A new awesome design was added to the admin panel

You now have 4 designs to choose from for the front end.

All main themes support: Shoppica included.

Old version support - as low as

The new code is much faster and can be altered without the use of vqmod. Although we use vqmod for some minor things, to place the checkout as a module you do not need vqmod.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

[Description v3.5]
Bug fixes

[Description v3.4]
Added vouchers, coupons, quantity and more
set second step option
Bug fixes

[Description v3.3]
added price hide if set in settings of the store for unregistrated customers
added possibility to name the date picker
added option to preselect default register or guest option.

[Description v3.2]
bug fix

[Description v3.1]
1. Added two step options for payment methods that don't need the second step
2. added information on second step
3. added an option to force default style settings
4. added mbooth script
5. bug fixes

[Description v3.0]
Redesigned the checkout process. now no more first step of checkout options - it all shows directly.

after the order is filled- customer hits confrom order and goes to payment step - last step.

This fixes the compatibility issues with integrated payment methods, that need an order before they load, which was impossible before.

Bug fix and some changes to the admin panel.

[Description v2.2]
bug fixes

[Description v2.1]
Firefox bug fix
paypal standard bug fix

[Description v2.1]
bug fix

[Description v2.0]
1. The code has been revied and optimized to be faster, cleaner and more user friendly.
2. Added Sorting functionality to fields
3. Added sorting functionality to Checkout steps
4. Added Force compatibility that makes the extension fall back to its core controller files. This comes in handy when you have lots of modules that mess up the checkout controller files
5. Added Enable function that if unset, will fully remove the code from the controller files - turns off the Vqmod of quickcheckout
6. Added styling functionality to change the float of the labels, width of columns, set from 1 to 3 columns and add your custom CSS
7. Added Bulk Settings uploader. You can save your current settings and try other settings to see which work best for you.
8. Added Delivery date field to shipping step.
9. Added Shipping and Payment options in a dropdown list
10. Added image of product to cart
11. Added Payment images
12. Bug fixes
13. Added Extra positions settings for checkout page (you will need to purchase extra positions 1.3.10 or above to use this function)

As always, Ajax Quick checkout is using the default controllers and is compatible with all the payment and shipping methods there are.

[Description v1.1]
The code has been completely rewritten.
Cleaner code and better compatibility with other payment and shipping methods
added functionality in admin (debug, hide just payment methods)
We still keep it in beta to be sure there are no bugs

[Description v1.0]
This is a fully functional checkout extension.
If works on Ajax technology
It fully substitutes the default checkout.
It has a very powerful settings tools, that lets customize the fields and options the way you need it.
It is simple in installation, and works on vqmod - no changes in core files
It has

Tested on OpenCart Versions

- Install VQmod (if not yet installed, visit http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/wiki/Install_OpenCart)
- Unzip the archive and find UPLOAD folder
- via FTP manager (like Filezilla - download here: http://filezilla-project.org/) upload to you main directory the files and folders in the UPLOAD folder
- In Admin go to MENU / Extensions / Modules / Ajax Quick Checkout.
- Install Ajax Quick Checkout
- Thats IT - you are all set. Play around with the settings to get the right checkout view.

- we have also created a debug feature, that you can turn on or off. it shows a button oin the right left corner. click it and you will see all the AJAX calls with greate detail.

[Turn OFF]
- it is really simple to turn off the checkout - just go to MENU / System / Design / Dreamtheme and uncheck the Quick Checkout Display option.

We provide 1 year FREE support if there is our issue.
Please feel free to contact us for support at support@dreamvention.com
or visit https://dreamvention.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

- our extensions are made with development in mind. We often use vqmod to make it easier to install and support compatibility with other extentions.
- the template files are written in the best HTML5 standard. you can use CSS to style with ease.
- all the logic is in the vqmod file, we did not alter any controller files or even create any.

- Use this to troubleshoot the checkout and see if it works on the default controllers. if so - then you have modules that are braking your checkout controllers.
- It is ok to work on compatibility mode, the checkout works just as well as on standard.


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