Live Product+ (live price update)

Live Product+ (live price update)
The "Live Product+" extension is for OpenCart CMS 3.x versions. It allows to live update prices depending on selected options and quantity. Based on AJAX.

* Instant update product prices based on selected options and quantity
* Hiding option prefixes (displaying full option prices)
* Hiding option prices
* Hiding ex-tax prices
* Special message, e.g., "Select options" for products without base price
* Ability to work with product options that use the equal sign as prefix
* Does not modify system files due to the use of OCMOD system

Compatible extensions
* Live Product Ultimate - An addon that upgrades Live Product+ to Ultimate version
* Price Range+ - Displays prices as a range from a minimum to a maximum price based on product option prices
* Enhanced Options+ - Allows to apply a product special offers and discounts to option prices
* Category Specials+ - Allows to apply a product special offers to whole categories and sub-categories
* Option Equals Sign - Allows to use the equal sign as an option prefix

Special offer
When buying two or more modules at once, a 25% discount is provided - contact me for details.

Changelog on GitHub

How-To on GitHub

Live demo
* Admin
* Front

* Homepage
* GitHub

End User License Agreement

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