Path Manager - URLs & Breadcrumbs (SEO URLs)

Path Manager - URLs & Breadcrumbs (SEO URLs)
The "Path Manager - URLs & Breadcrumbs" extension is for OpenCart 3.x CMS. It allows to manage product and category urls and canonocal links, change breadcrumbs and add JSON-LD structured data markup.

* Change product urls and canonical links to one of the following modes:
-- Direct link -
-- Shortest category path -
-- Longest category path -
-- Last category -
-- Manufacturer -
* Change category urls and canonical links
* Change product breadcrumsbs to one of the following modes:
-- Direct path, e.g. home > product
-- Shortest category path, e.g. home > cat1 > product
-- Longest category path, e.g. home > cat1 > subcat1 > subcat2 > product
-- Last category, e.g. home > subcat2 > product
-- Manufacturer, e.g. home > brand > brandname > product
* Force update breadcrumbs of products opened from Categories, Search and Manufacturer pages
* Last breadcrumb item links removing and bold font
* JSON-LD structured data markup about breadcrumbs (needs to install the "Document addTag" extension), which used by world's largest search engines to categorize the information from the page in search results.
* High compatibility with third party templates and modules due to use Opencart Event System

Change log
Last update: [2.5.1] - 2021.03.05 (Path Manager - Breadcrumbs)
Last update: [2.1.0] - 2021.02.26 (Path Manager - URLs & Breadcrumbs)
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Please feel free to contact me through the «Get Support» form, comments or by email: (please, start subject with [Opencart] Path Manager - URLs && Breadcrumbs). And keep in mind: it is almost impossible to provide quality support without an access to FTP and Opencart dashboard!

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