petkovko 6 years ago

Hello! I purchased the filters yesterday and I have sent you email form to with my problems. I just wanted to text here as well to make sure my issues will be addressed. Regards, Yanko Boev


Gr3nT 6 years ago

Hi! pls send me the licence key. I send the email. Thx.


mrXrumer 6 years ago,1103


losttheplot 6 years ago

I need to use multiple instances of a product filter in different 'brand' sections of an online shop, such that where used on a page for brand 'A', only brand A will show in the filter, and only brand A products will be listed on the page. Brand A does not actually need to show per se, as long as only brand A products are listed. Elsewhere in the shop I might have a page for brand 'B' products, and the filter on that page must only list brand B products. Does this sound like something that can be configured with SimonFilters3, please?


skyline1983 6 years ago

Tell me pls about a setting or give my your email. I need help.
Opencart filter work is very very slow.
Which setting I shoud on.
1. Cache
Database Cache: None or Opencart (Default None)
AJAX cache: Yes or No (Default None)

2 Change url hash Yes or No

3. Category children: Yes Or No

4. Ajax method GET or POST

5. Mutually Exclusive yes or no

6 Show current category yes or no

7 Group child categories yes or no
8 Persist selection while browsing


BlueM 6 years ago


I just purchased Simon Filters 3-Attributes Options Tag Manufacturers order number 785955 . And my programmer has just emailed me and said the extension doesn’t work, throws errors in the model and I can’t fix it because the code is encoded. So could we please have a refund?


flerd 6 years ago


we are building a new website with OC2 and need a strong/quick filter extension.

In our shop we have around:
- 70k+ products
- 20k+ categories
- we will have around 20 attributes/options and all will be set to all products
- there will be categories with 5k+ products

My questions are:
- will this filter extension be able to handle this amount of data without any problem (so the site will be fast enough with the filter module activated?)
- Opencart 2.3. compatibility in the near future?

We are searching for a good solution for our site, but we really need the filter be able to handle this amount of products.

Waiting for your answer.



blipps 7 years ago

We have a massive store, 70+k products. Will this filter be able to handle that performance wise?


simonoop 7 years ago

>Hi Simonoop, I got error notice saying: Notice: Error: Could not load model
@scopearl81: hi
Can you please add me on skype? My id is simonoop


simonoop 7 years ago

@skyline1983: hi skyline.
>tell me pls What does it mean? Change url hash:
If enabled you'll see the filters on the address bar with an hash (#) as you type them. You can then copy that url and send in newsletters or as link to a pre-filtered product listing.


scopearl81 7 years ago

Hi Simonoop, I got error notice saying: Notice: Error: Could not load model catalog/model/simonoop/sf3tools.php! in /system/modification/system/engine/loader.php on line 24

How to fix it?


skyline1983 7 years ago

Hi, Simon!
tell me pls What does it mean?
Change url hash:
Do you have a manual for you filter?


simonoop 7 years ago

@marchill: Hi. I wouldn't recommend using my extension with Mijoshop. The extension's admin is obviously very javascript intensive and I making all that work with Mijoshop has never worked 100%...


marchill 7 years ago


Is your filter compatible with Mijoshop 3.1 plus



simonoop 7 years ago

@skyline1983: hi. The module's css file is at /catalog/view/simonoop/sf3/themes/default/css/sf3.css for oc1.5.x or at /catalog/view/simonoop/sf3/themes/default/css/sf3oc2.css for OC2.x


skyline1983 7 years ago

Hi Simon. How Can I сhange font size? Default font size is too small.


simonoop 7 years ago

FYI: From now on (v 3.0 build 40) ioncube will no longer be required.


chaban 7 years ago

Is it possible to keep the filter selection (persist data) in the transition across all categories. For when I chose the BMW cars brand and go to the section Engines, then display the engines just for BMW. Perhaps we can order such functionality for extra pay?
Thanks a lot!


nhpiash 7 years ago

hi simon,
i got error on installation ...."Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running ionCube protected PHP code, website security and malware blocking. Please visit for install assistance."

please help me - thanks


kostya39 7 years ago

simonfilters installed on a test domain
at the entrance to the filter settings generates 500 error
version opencart