simonoop 4 years ago

@eddielai: Hi Ed. Should work fine with Pavilion. I'm hours away from releasing a no ioncube version. You'll be able to download a trial version and do whatever tests you find necessary.


eddielai 4 years ago

Does it support ThemeBurn Pavilion Template?



simonoop 4 years ago

@tomuta: Fixed. Someone changed settings on the module and the cron that was supposed to reset the database every 12 hours wasn't working as expected.


tomuta 4 years ago

your demo for oc2 does not work


RStreignard 4 years ago

Very cool module with a really great customer support :) You definitely should try it!


simonoop 4 years ago

@mavinic: problem was caused by ioncube. FYI I'm dropping ioncube protection. Ioncube is very effective at preventing piracy but, unfortunately, is also very good at preventing my legitimate customers from installing the module.


mavinic 4 years ago

Hi, Simon!
I purchased your module "SimonFilters" for Opencast 2.0 (
I uploaded all files and clicked "Install"
When I click on "Edit" I see an error 500!
Please, help me!


acdcdrives 5 years ago

Very handy and good module i have ever bought it.. it works very well. and the support is amazing which i have never get through Skype. i do highly recommended to buy this module and really worthy extension for open cart store.


lucafo 5 years ago

hi! your filter is compatible with mijoshop 3.1? thanks.


cliffchuk 5 years ago

@simonoop: when is it available?


simonoop 5 years ago

@nhpiash: version 3 is stable and oc2 ready. Will release ASAP. Will require ioncube, though. Contact by skype and I'll arrange a demo for you. My id is simonoop. cheers


nhpiash 5 years ago

hello simonoop bro, please please update new version for oc 2.0 .... waiting almost 7 month



simonoop 5 years ago

@entromarketing: Replied by mail. Probably ~3 days away from v3 release. Will mail as soon as it's available.


entromarketing 5 years ago

@simonoop: Hi Simon, it's been nearly 6 months when you last told me you were going to update your extension with a range of cool new features. Any ETA?


skny3000 5 years ago

do you have plan to update the extension to work with opencart 2 ?


cliffchuk 5 years ago

Hi Simon, I read the comments and knew the new update for OC2.0 will be launched soon, do you have a expected date?


simonoop 5 years ago

@TheMasterBrewer: hi master! Terribly sorry but I don't have any email from you. The amount of spam is so huge that I probably even didn't noticed and deleted it without realizing! Please mail me again or meet me on Skype (my id is simonoop)


TheMasterBrewer 5 years ago

Hi Simon, emailed you some questions regarding this extension last week - just wanted to check you'd received the email as I'm looking to purchase an extension like this ASAP. Thanks a lot


simonoop 5 years ago

@hmspower: Nearly finished.Need to purchase ioncube before making a release.


hmspower 5 years ago

Hi Simon,

Any news on the update to Opencart 2.0?