mskat02 5 years ago

Hi Simon -

Your support has been outstanding. Please though let us know when you update the filters, including the ability to put my color swatches on the display.



simonoop 5 years ago

@nhpiash: almost completed. will release asap.


nhpiash 6 years ago

please upload new version for oc2.0.1.1



simonoop 6 years ago

@dither: Hi! Haven't received any roport of tag issues on multilang stores. Probably some collision or conflict with something you have in your store. Could you please reach me at or skype (simonoop) and I'll have a look at the problem. Sent mail with this same text to your email. Cheers.


dither 6 years ago

Hello, I have an issue on OC and Simon filters with multilanguage tags. The backend uses English translation and the frontend uses English and Italian translations. At frontend the English tags are all shown in simon filters but in Italian some tags are missing although they exist and they are working fine in standard opencart's search mode eg http://mysite/index.php?route=product/search&tag=some-italian-tag-name. Any ideas?


simonoop 6 years ago

@openboxlinux: Hi! Just sent you an email. The problem is most likely a VQmod collision with some other extension. Please contact me ASAP on or through Skype so we can schedule a debugging session.


simonoop 6 years ago

@dard: Hi. Currently working on version 3 of the module to support all oc versions from to 2.0


openboxlinux 6 years ago

Sir i just purchased the add-on and i have installed it. The module is not sold because no matter what filter i select it will show all the products on my site. For example: When using the Price filter to a set value , all the prices will show i mean all the items will be displayed. If i select a single manufacturer all the manufacturers will and all the items will display ..using OC


Raven 6 years ago

Hey Simon are you working on OC support?


TrinityDesigns 6 years ago

Hey Simon, will you be upgrading this for Opencart 2.0? Thanks


driver023 6 years ago

Does SimonFilter create breadcrumbs according filtered result?


efishop 6 years ago

Hello simonoop,
I have write u an e-mail yesterday. No reply, pls help me.


mskat02 6 years ago

The support for this module has been outstanding! I love the filter and it works flawlessly.


nicknack1 6 years ago


Does this work with Openstock options? I am using Openstock/Openbay with options.



ganeshinde 6 years ago

Product with taxes option not working in demo site.


bobomo 6 years ago

We use the module for few months now, and it is all that we expected. At some point we had some small issues that were fixed from Simon within days. Thank you for the wonderful extension and your support. To see the modul working on our site, please visit -


mskat02 6 years ago

I just purchased your extension, mainly for its ability to filter multiple values of the same attribute. I have the top colors in a textile to allow the user to select. Data already to go, but your extension keeps telling me that there are no filters activated. It references me to the Catalog>attribute>attributes link, but that page does not have any way of activating the filters. Can you please help?

Thx - Kat


entromarketing 6 years ago

@simonoop: Simon been emailing you for a while now. Can you please get back to me? my emails domain is


opennito 6 years ago

Hi, Im going to purchase your module but I want to be sure first of all for some stuff.
1.Im using rgen theme, will it display correct?
2.Does it support greek language?
3. Why in the demo do not show the sub categories, in filter? Is it possible to make it done?
If the extension can do it, I will purchase the next second, but plz I want to be sure. Thnx!!!


dmike 6 years ago

Impressive module, many options and good working.
Thank you!