mutemancer 6 years ago

Great module ! I works with perfect


sadim 6 years ago


I want to put the filter on the main page.
So that customer wouldn`t have any categories at all. He will need to chose everything in filter.
Can I do it with your filter? Can you show me how will it look like.

Thank you.


Zabava 6 years ago

Hi, Simon
I found where was an error
It was a vqmod conflict. I've deleted conflicted vqmod file.
Now it works.
Thank you very much.


vanen 6 years ago

I've only one attribute group and 1000 attributes: a, b, c, d... Product1 have attribute a,b,c - Product2 have attrbute d,e,f. Will filter show all 1000 attributes on each category?
I it compatible with version


Zabava 6 years ago

Unfortunately, I have some errors.
Undefined index: orientation in /home/www/XXXXXX/catalog/controller/module/simonfilters.php

Notice: Undefined variable: activefilter_simonfilters_price in
/home/www/XXXXXX/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/simonfilters.tpl on line 697

Please, help me. What can I do to fix this errors?


motoaharnis 6 years ago

Just bought the extension, great support! Do not let the comment section here and unanswered comments make you sceptical. Support is given through email and it is as fast as you would wish.


addpeople 6 years ago

Hi Simon,

I bout your extension few months back, just wondering can we retain the filter selection if we click through the product and then come back on previous page(product listing page).

Please let me know, I really need this feature.



aarifbd 6 years ago

Hi simon
I am little bit worried about my site speed performance,
I would be wondering if you could do some tuning on my database concerning the speed of site.

Although installed special extension to improve the speed of database,
but still there is little improvement.

Pls. advise ASAP.


aarifbd 6 years ago

Hi simon
I already purchased your great extension today.
Opened ticket and given all required info.
Awaiting for your professional support to install and complete the task.

Thanks in advance for your great support as always.

consultant at


sammerson 6 years ago

Yes you are right =), post a few long gone.


simonoop 6 years ago

@sammerson: Hi mate. Sent you the usual email moments after your purchase offering free install and help. Didn't you get it? :) Will mail you again in a few minutes. I'm currently online on skype if you'd like to chat. My id is simonoop.


sammerson 6 years ago

today bought your module.
after installation problem
on the page displaying the categories displayed:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getSetting () on a non-object in ... / catalog / model / catalog / simonfilters.php on line 194


dither 6 years ago

This extension is very good and I'm suggesting it to anybody interested for filter modules as the best and most elegant solution available.

@simonoop One useful feature that I would have liked to see soon implemented is the option to add custom css classes to each filter.


Dabnis 6 years ago

First off: sorry if this has been asked before , but 764 comments to check !!

Will this work, even with some limitations with dependent options ?


miraip 6 years ago



selimsan 6 years ago

Hi Simon,

I am using SEO friendly URL and when I fliter the page I am getting the following error message;

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/mysite/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_seo_url.php on line 175Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/mysite/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_common_seo_url.php on line 175

I need your help



dirkd9000 6 years ago

Hey Simon was wondering if you got my message via email. Thanks


housedigital 6 years ago

Thank you for your grate work !! i purchased this extension and it is the best filter ...


aarifbd 6 years ago

can you pls. advise whether it works on my site
where verson theme is spycilious .

need to confirm before purchase whether it works on it.
have you any trial option to check first.

Pls. advise soon.


corvinus 6 years ago

@simonoop: the problem is i've asked you questions via email and skype several times already - no response, my emails probably went to spam. I'll try tomorrow, what topic i need to use to make you see my mails?