simonoop 6 years ago

@corvinus: hi! Can you please contact me at or on skype (simonoop)?


corvinus 6 years ago

Hi! i need help with your module.
The problem is in attributes. When customer checked several colors in color attribute and went to next page to view another products, all other variants of color except checked dissapear.


david1109 6 years ago

The best filter extension out there. It has some thing that need editing but its everything i was looking for and more. Would be nice to have a option to auto scroll to top when brand is selected if you have a long page.


equipebr 6 years ago

I have a store for books with custom fields, like author, publisher, etc. Is it posible to include these fileds into your filter extension?


bogdanspt 6 years ago

Very good module and the best support! Recomend 100%!
Thank you!


natalino13 6 years ago

hi! I would like to know if in your extension you can insert a picture in the description of filtro.Vedi for example: http// / mens-eyeglasses in the filter "shape frame" (wayfarer, aviator, oval, rectangle, ..) Thanks Natalino


md_idris 6 years ago

Hello, Will this extension support the latest version of opencart?


daydreamdev 6 years ago

All, Simon helped with my problem. It was a simple solution where I needed to set the Product limit option under the Price filter settings within the module. I overlooked that setting...


daydreamdev 6 years ago

Can anyone that uses this module confirm if the price filter works for them on category pages? I have not been able to get any help with fixing my issue where the price filter displays on the default/home page, but not on the Category pages.


Serengeti Leisure

Serengeti Leisure 6 years ago

Hi Simon, my developer purchased this MOD from you for my site and I have noticed that none of the filters sort any of the items in Alphabetical or Numerical order. This is vitally important as it creates a clean view for our customers.
Can you resolve this urgently for me please? I am using OC1.5.6.1 and in the process of upgrading our site from 1.5.4.


matgenois 6 years ago

This extension is great!! Highly customizable and support is great!! I had answers to my email within 24h. Great job for this extension! Thanks!


s_e_s_h 6 years ago

@simonoop: Filter by price don`t work properly! I have rubles as a default currency, But "1.000" value has USD (second currency - no auto update). So, filer shows diapasons in USD, but with "р." after the price for values in Russian rubles. I also have send e-mail to you from - no replay for 3 mounts!


xirosima 6 years ago

HI @simonoop:
1 - is it fast, optimized, and how much queries for mysql from filter ?
2 - i have nitro cache - is it comportable?
3 - i have 50k products, will it fast work for my shop ?
i can give you link. Thanks.


stakon 6 years ago

What about version it is supported? are you plan to support?


opencartspecialist 6 years ago

Hi, I purchased this module and I was wondering if there is ANY way of activating all manufacturers in one time instead of clicking +1000 times "yes" on the manufacturers page. Thanks


bramvds 6 years ago

thx, and do you also know the differences between your extension and this one:

they both got what i need, i just need attribute and option filtering.



simonoop 6 years ago

@bramvds: Hi! Every filter module will eventually cause some performance penalty because the MySQL queries are more complex than the stock OC's and all filter modules will have one or another issue. I can install the module free of charge and do some tuning to the DB.


bramvds 6 years ago

hi, i first tried

but that one didn't work out for me, it slowed down my website (just when going to categories, not even filtering) and messed up the layout a bit.

will your extension work with my journal theme and will it work fast?



simonoop 6 years ago

@selimsan: sorry for the delay. Mail sent. Are the categories top or sub cats? Do you have products on those categories?


selimsan 6 years ago

Any reply ?