selimsan 6 years ago


I purchased your module with thanks.

Unfotunatelly the price fitler option is not displayed for some catagories which I can not understand the reason. I also sent you an email includes admin access information. Could you please inspect it.



stamasar 6 years ago

Great tool and super support from Simon. I recomend it with no second thoughts.


simonoop 6 years ago

@vbms: Hi! Sorry for the delay! I've answered all emails received yesterday but not sure who you are! :) Can you please mail me again at


vbms 6 years ago

Hi @simonoop, please reply to your email. We purchased the module yesterday, but our site is not functional since we installed the module. We use the theme SimpleGreat. Please advise us on how to fix the issues in the email. Thanks in advance.


simonoop 6 years ago

@sneiks: Hi. Sorry for the delay. Moving to a new home and didn't have Internet access for a couple of days. Thank you for your comments. The bug you report with failure to detect VQmod is an old bug that was fixed back in October 2013. The issue with the filters not clearing is actually a feature: the module allows you to chose if you want the filters to be remembered, i.e., if you can say that if a customers goes to category A, choses some filters, then goes to category B and returns back to category A, all the previously selected filters will appear as "preselection", hence the no "Clear Filters" button... it was a feature requested by a lot of users and it is easily turned off on the module's admin. Maybe you're using an older version... where did you obtain it? I'll be more than happy to send you the most recent version. Cheers, Simon


sneiks 6 years ago

Asked a friend to try his script copy! FULL of bugs... op1.5.6 + seo pack pro + simonfilters 2.12.01 in admin panel i got that i do not have vqmod but i have... Template bigshop
One of the bugs: try also in demo site! Slide price for exaple to 1000$ after that pres on logo of opencart to go back to main page take a look now at filter. Or just pres on some atributes for exaple BLUE color... and then go to main page... the filter do not clear what i choosed and also is missing "Clear filters" button...


ahmadka 6 years ago

Hi I'm interested in getting this for my store, but I have some questions ..

The questions I have are a little detailed so the word count is more than 1000 char, so I'm posting them here:

You can reply here with simple yes/no if you want ..


roman121 7 years ago


I have one problem and this is:
when I set up multiple attributes separated with char separator in my front end all attributes is showed as filters but when I click on them the product is not showed.



AlexDier 7 years ago

Great extension and most importantly, great support to get it working properly with my theme. Thanks!


clari 7 years ago

If I have a large number of products in a particular category, it seems to massively slow down page loading. Is there any way of speeding this up? Can you please let me know at


simonoop 7 years ago

@roman121: mail sent!


roman121 7 years ago

I have OC and in front panel I can see all filters except attributes. In admin section everything looks ok, I added attributes to filters, do exact the same settings as Simon has it on demo admin, but attributes are not visible in front panel.
Please help me to solve that.


Luchik 7 years ago

Hi @simonoop
Please answer my questions on Skype, I posted 2 days ago. Your module does not work when a large number of producers (manufactures) (1000 +)


robster 7 years ago

Hi @simonoop

I sent you an email requesting advice/support - can you confirm that you have received it please?

Thank you



duane25 7 years ago

Is it easily possible to have the filters running horizontally i.e. underneath the menu bar at the top of the page. Rather than just at the top of the page and then running vertically? Thanks.


tesak2010 7 years ago

Hi please, where is width and colour of price slider?


simonoop 7 years ago

@fragueiro: Hi! Yes. :) Just go to the module's admin->general and select "Hide Zero-Quantity Options". Mail sent with this info!


fragueiro 7 years ago


I have a doubt.
I need to use the filter for color options.
If a color of a product runs out in stock the filter will not show this product?
And when the stock is added that color option, the filter back to show that product?


sergey_muravskiy 7 years ago

Hello, i have Open cart and dilecta (not default theme). Can you help me with installation of you module after purchasing? (


xcore47 7 years ago

Hi Simon, the 'sort by' option don't work for me..
it keeps sorting by analphabetic only.. i sent you screenshots in email

can you help me please?