simonoop 7 years ago

@ajaytawm: just checked and the module doesn't seem to have any problems on my test server with oc156. which oc version are you using?


ajaytawm 7 years ago

@simonoop: Hi Simon,

Is there any update for me ?


ajaytawm 7 years ago

@simonoop: Yes you right, if i browse by category then it is correct, but think more a bit, suppose i am not assigning any category to few products, and then i am assigning same products in "Featured Product" OR "New Products" module on homepage, now when i click on product then i should be redirect to that product details page, but in this extension this is not happening, it gives some mysql error.

Please check this URL :

And then click on "Union Jack Collar" you will get mysql errors, because i did not assign any category to it, this is a problem in latest version of opencart and i think it working fine in previous version 1.5.4


simonoop 7 years ago

@ajaytawm: Hi! It's the nature of the module... think with me for a bit: if you don't assign categories to products then how will the module know what to show when you browse by category? But maybe there's something that I can do for other layouts... Can you give me an example?


ajaytawm 7 years ago

Hi Simon,

This module is not working if we do not assign any category to product, we are using open cart 1.5.5.x version.

I checked this in more than 2 demo stores but not, please update it as soon as possible.



dirkd9000 7 years ago

Hey Simon,

it's the email from "pierre@..."


simonoop 7 years ago

@hallali: Hi Karoly! Just answered your other emails.
Let me know if I can be of any help!


hallali 7 years ago

Hi Simon,
I have just bought from your SimonFilters modules 2.5.0 but it does not run in Opencart 1.5.6.
Do you have any upgrade? I found one 2.9.0 at (The upgrade is freely available to all current customers at but I am not able to download it for free.
So, can you send me a link from where I can download your latest version?
you can send email to:
waiting for your reply (we want to use your module)
thank you


simonoop 7 years ago

@dirkd9000: Hi! Can you please be more specific? I can't find any mail from you... maybe it was considered spam or you sent it to a wrong address? My email is


dirkd9000 7 years ago

Hey Simon if you could contact me about my issue that'd be great. I sent you an e-mail so I hope we can work things out. Thank you.


NoUsernameNo 7 years ago

I just wanted to say that the support is unbelievably great and Simon fixed any issues I had in no time. Excellent product and outstanding support! Thank you and keep up the good work!


jeepstone 7 years ago

@simonoop - is there any news on when the filters will support OC filters? You mentioned a v3. Any timeframe on that?


codepenman 7 years ago

i installed 2.10.0 Build 0002 version. but when i upload simonfilters.xml file inside vqmod/xml/ folder, it makes problem and even index.php doesnt load anyway. when i delete xml file, that loads but then i can't use script. what do i do now?


greymatter 7 years ago

Hi Simon, will this work in 1.5.6?



rhythmbase 7 years ago

When will this be updated to work with v1.5.6?


mydelicecorner 7 years ago

Just a question before buying it!
I wish to purchase this module but I would like to know if the multilanguage is supported ?
(I use Opencart /default theme)

Many thanks


simonoop 7 years ago

@shaundma: Hi!
Not sure I understand your question. Can you please mail me at
I'll do my best! :)


shaundma 7 years ago

I successfully created css for horizontal dropdowns and it looks exactly how i need it.
But how can I make the dropdowns work on hover instead of click?

I need it to work like standaard input type select boxes.


Destrifer 7 years ago

Demo admin page not worked!
And how i sort attributes in filter?
For example:
10 m
20 m
30 m
... etc


Droider 7 years ago

Hi Simon, addition to my requests above, in the search results the filter doesn't seem to work? Please help. Thanks.